You will own nothing and you will be nothing. (madman101) wrote,
You will own nothing and you will be nothing.

hack attack update - it's the FBI

Thanks for your comments - I'll be getting back into LJ soon.  Recovering, I need to deal with real life nonsense right now.  But I did do a little more research on these trojan-worms which infect my computer and beacon out to IPs belonging to hackers.  This whole thing in involves THE FBI.  Yep, it traces back to the  And the other hackers apparently sell their info to the FBI.  And, if the FBI feels like it, or any of these hackers want a laugh, they can shut you down - for no reason.  I'll review it later and give info in computer_castle - be sure to join.  For now, most of the activity comes from 64.210.100.* and 64.210.72.* and from within the IP ranges of THEPLANET.COM.  So, this makes me feel better about my having a firewall made in RUSSIA.  

This is apparently not related to the incessant Korean/Chinese hacker at  But you never know.  Because there is one hacker who seems like he may be related to this, and he is FREE7HACKER who is Ash Ahmed and lives in HOUSTON.  The military-industrial complex is so close to OIL that it is apparently creating a little was in S. Korea to take attention off of the oil spill DISASTER.  And where are they trying to have the BP trial held, in DEFERENCE to BP?  Houston, of course.  All good things come from Houston.

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