I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

2010: That's when Pigs could Fly.

This oil eruption - the reasons for it and the bullshit and irresponsibility surrounding it - it is blasphemy. It is complete defilement of our planet and our nature. Everyone is muffled by bribes from the oil industry. Finally, I hear atlk-show caller saying what is realy going on: BP, and pawns in the Gov't, don't want to stop the oil flow because Wall Street hedge funds are making money off of the destruction - just as they made money off of the bankruptsy of Greece. Goldman Sachs. And, of course, BP still wants to make money off of that broken well - so they don't want to close it. Some in the Gov't want widespead destruction of the environemnt, to convince the public to demand no more offshore drilling - but they are merely a small factor in the overall indecision. Remember, because of The Party of NO, most of Obama's bureaucracy is still populated with Bush and NWO Cronies. Shill, baby, shills.

Y'all know that I don't have a lot of REAL time, cuz so many full days keep getting stolen by my CFS. Spending today merely puttering about inside, if even that). So, I don't read novels or books or other time-consuming things - and also: I often don't have good enough attention and memory to enjoy or succeed in such endeavours.

But one book which I might finally read is "Babylon's Banksters," discussed on Coast-to-Coast last night. It's a book that could encourage and complement my creative/theoretical thinking. It deals with the idea that a bankster class has existed since the beginning of money, and they have been continuously raping government's and people's of the ability to produce real and sufficient wealth. Further, this is related to PHYSICS and interpretations of physics, as well as the banksters seeking to block sources of new and infinte energy. Extremely interesting thoughts. You can google for it. Also note name "Dellinger" or "Derringer" to google for other economic thought... Sorry, I am really tired.

How ya honna shut that hole with concrete unless you first stop the flow? You think fiiling it up with all of Santa's Toys for next year is gonna plug it up? No. This is also a cherade. Big man, Pig Man. Ha ha...

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