I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

what doesn't make you stronger hurts a lot and eventually kills you

It is impossible to describe the excruciation fatigue that consumes my brain and body sometimes.... Today I lost another day to it. The city clean-up programme girl is stopping by tomorrow. I'll get much done tomorrow. Surely I will. Will is all I've got, at times.

Soooooo - listening to Moby "PLAY" because I once promised despairfaery that I would one day own it - it's the first time I've listened to it all at once, although I've loved four of the songs for years. My cfs makes me forget things over and over - I had forgotten about Gwen Stefani on "Southside". It happened to play at the same time I was pondering how many hints of No Doubt I've noticed in MORRISSEY's music - it's true - I see a big Stefani influence in places. Ain't that sweet? Including, even, the label on CD "Years of Refusal" looking like a 45 rpm record, which I've only seen done before on a No Doubt compilation. It's nice to think of Morrissey as a Stefani fan. It was also nice to read this extensive Wiki article, most of which seems to be written by Morrissey himself... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morrissey In the article, Russell Brand, whom many people oddly hate, (including Nick D Dunderhead), goes on about his emails from Morrissey, etc., whom he idolises. Did you know I once got a Myspace message from Morrissey - might have been two - brief, kind, stark, ha ha... Mopey... "Nobody knows the trouble I got..."  (Trouble loves meh)

OK - oh, hey - I had the most incredible dream(s) this morning, due to brain damij. It was Alice in Wonderland meets Lord of the Rings - with thrice as many magical events. Sooooooooooo incredible!!! OK - I must return there now. ta ta....


I was wasting my time
Trying to fall in love
Disappointment came to me and
Booted me and bruised and hurt me

But that’s how people grow up
That’s how people grow up

I was wasting my time
Looking for love
Someone must look at me and
See their sunlit dream
I was wasting my time
Praying for love
For a love that never comes
From someone who does not exist

And that’s how people grow up
That’s how people grow up

Let me live
Before I die
No not me
Not I

I was wasting my life
Always thinking about myself
Someone on their deathbed said
There are other sorrows too

I was driving my car
I crashed and broke my spine
So yes there are things worse in life than
Never being someone’s sweetie

That’s how people grow up
That’s how people grow up

That’s how people grow up
That’s how people grow up

As for me I’m okay
For now anyway

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