I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Good news for Progressives! Bad news for Blue Dogs!

Hurray for Joe Sestak!  At last, the real Progressives are being given a chance!  And goodbye to Magic-Bullet, New World Order Arlen Specter!  If it were for his trashing of Anita Hill, we prolly would never have had a Supreme Court willing to install an ass like George Bush into office.  I'd like to think that Obama only supported Specter because the NWO had a gun to his head, but, no...  

Hurray for Rand Paul!  Yes, a Tea-Partier wins in Kentucky.  He wants to reign in the Fed - but the bad news is that he also wants to end SSI.  But in red States, it's good to have Tea-Partiers elected in the Primaries, because it makes it easier for Democrats to win in the actual fall elections.  And that's true for populist progressives as well as for blue dogs.  So, progressive democrats should be targetting the Tea Bagger Belt, which runs from SC, through KY, Arkansas, OK/KS, and down to AZ - but also includes VA, TN, AL, FL, LA, TX, MO, MN, and NV.  So - I've got an idea: We all add LJ friends in those states, especially to our communities, and we try to influence those states though LJ!  Serious!  Can't hurt!

The news could have been a little better in Arkansas, where a runoff is resulting from the race between Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln and progressive challenger Bill Halter - but still, it's an improvement.  Halter could still win - and should, if Destiny reads like a Horatio Alger novel.

Through out Connecticut Democratic candidate for Senator, Richard Blumenthal! He lied about serving in Vietnam. That's a big-time lie, when he's running against a Vietnam Vet - for the seat being vacated by Chris Dodd, who has severely disappointed all progressives and most Dems in the state. I have also lost all respect for Dodd. I don't know what it is about politicians in Connecticut - they are such sleezes in powdered wigs. It's prolly because they are controlled by big money and the Yale wing of the NWO.

But the best news comes from the other race in Western Pennsylvania - where Mark Critz won a Congressional race, suggesting that the Dems, not the Cons, will be winning Congress in the next election, provided fingers are crossed... http://www.startribune.com/politics/94218974.html

And hurray for Miss Oklahoma for, on FOX, not accepting the right-wing talking point that she lost because she supported the anti-immigration law in Az.

And hurray for two other people - but I forgot who they are!

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