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"Imagine Lisa andLeslieDoMrEd will be HorseLoveandLisa"

OMG - that was the latest porno spam I just got! Do anyone els get these things?!!!

Yo, I called to cancel my Compuserve, and of course talked to an East Indian guy. He asked, "So what do you do when you use the Internet?"... And I say, "Well, I mainly use the Internet to view pornography - you know - people with animals..." He freaked out, in that Indian way, and I said, "I'm JOKING!"!!!

Which leads me into the next topic. You guys want to save a little money? Call up your service provider and say your computer is broken, and you have no idea when your ever going to get around to fixing it. They will then offer you three free months!

Well, my superman cape coils up, so I have to fix it soon. It WAS flapping when a cop drove behind me, though. Phew!

So, I still can't find my wallet. I went to the Public Library and asked if MAYBE I left it there. We walked over to the box of lost and founds, and no wallet. But there was this big stuffed animal there - black and white. I said, "I like the dolphin! No wallet but I'll take the dolphin, if someone hasn't claimed it!" So they gave it to me! Now it's on my dash, but it looks like it's trying to eat my bird...

Actually, it it a killer whale. Killer Whales are really very docile, loving, playful animals. They are not killers. ESCEPT: They HAVE been spotted tossing around seals like basketballs. Bounce. Bounce. I kid you not!

Here I am at Coleman. I chatted with the librarian girl about coffee, etc. I asked her if my wallet MIGHT be here. No. Then I told her about the "dolphin", and how it will probably be the next strange animal on top of my car. And woe - her name is.... LINDSAY!

mmmm.... coffee...

Well, I told parisrunaway that I once painted a picture called "Metro de Paris" - a sign for the Paris subway - since she had had a fall in that subway the other day. On my sign-painting, there are also cave paintings of prehistoric animals. That reminded me... I've made several paintings for relatives, but I have no photos of them. So I'm going to email these folks and ask them to send me some photos.

Luckily, AK showed up this eve, bearing gifts as usual. So I got to ask her directly. She was in a cranky mood, but as we talked, her mood picked up quite nicely. It was fun. It's nice when I can see when I have a positive effect on someone.

So - next topic: Many of you are artists. Well, I'll be putting up this big white 8'(tall)x4' plywood on the garage/park-shelter. Would any of you like to do a mural on it?!! It will be part of the park. And the trouble in my neighborhood is abated. Come and do something fun for the kids - future environmentalist and such???


And vampchristine gave me the idea to ask you each to list maybe five words that describe who you are. So have at it yall.


oh - I'm here to work on my book tonight.


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