I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.


Global warming. OK - I think it will take a few decades for the scientist to admit that we have increased seismic and volcanic activity. But it's pretty obvious that it's happening. Why?

Well, no matter if the earth is warming via carbon emissions or from radiation from the sun, it very easy to explain what is happening. This is my take:

Imagine the globe. You have many, many vectors of heat hitting its surface. If they were allowed to pass without resistance through the planet, where would they most converge? I.e., where would the greatest point of heating be? In the CENTRE, of course. That is the tendency. However, there is a time delay - resistance - in those rays of heat actually burrowing down into the centre - so, now where will the place of most heating be? Not at the easy atmospheric surface, but slightly deeper down in the crust. Not extremely deep - yet - but deeper than the surface.  It takes a while for the earth to absorb the heat, from all directions.

That is what science is proving: The greatest heating is "strangely" occuring at the bottom of the oceans. And, by extension, it is reasonable to assume that there is greater heating deeper under the ground as well, (though possibly not as deep as in the oceans).

That's where the magma can get agitated. Ploom! Exploding volcanoes! Warming oil. Slippery plates. And, more importantly: Melting methane.

Vast stores of methane exist under the oceans, and underground - and I mean VAST - but it's mostly FROZEN. Except for now - now it is starting to melt. And turn to gas. Greenhouse gas. Volatile gas. Ergo: More mine disasters. More volcanic eruptions. More BP oil rigs exploding.

This is only the beginning. Weeeeeeeeee!!!

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