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I had a pretty damn good post goin on here but I guess my dog ate it or something.  I'm pissed - after all the effort I put into making this new computer safe, it's acting like the old one... (Can I retrieve it on any TEMP files in my computer, do ya know???)   Anyway, this is what I saved

Posting to blog at http://www.normangoldman.com :

Dear Mr. Nor,

I am not an engineer, but I'd like to submit a few thoughts on how to plug that giant pimple under the sea, which we know BP does not REALLY WANT to plug, cuz they really love their chocolate....

First of all, a rarely known threat of Global Warming lies dormant as MASSIVE DEPOSITS OF METHANE at the bottom of the oceans.  Methane is a very powerful agent encouraging global warming.  The fear is that with increased warming, these frozen stores may leak up PROFUSELY into our atmosphere.  Depending on the amount, this could result in accelerated warming, fires, or even mass suffocations.

I am concerned that a great deal of sub-oceanic methane may be disturbed should BP go in and try to plug the oil gusher by DETONATING AN EXPLOSION UNDERGROUND.  We already know that a giant leak of methane gas is prolly what caused the BP oil rig explosion in the first place.  I am neither a geologist, and I do not know the depths of these methane deposits, but I am concerned that an eruption of methane gas - and possibly a contageous domino-effect - might be triggered.  In any event, we should realise at this point that we should NOT be messing around at such depths without an ability to correct any mistakes, given the inherent engineering hazards, and consequent ecological damages, but also the cumulative hazards of climate change, which are intricately involved.

If an internal "balloon" or choke valve MAY not be enough to shut of this oil eruption ASAP, then I suggest another way.  I suggest a large steel-mesh blanket - or such - be lowered over the hole, even over the concrete condom, with a controlable hole in the middle.  The blanket would extend for several hundred feet outward from the hole's central location.  Then, a great amount of concrete and rock would be dropped upon the blanket, securing it, and sealing it.  Instead of a massive amount of weight set directly ABOVE the hole,( as suggested in the proposal to detonate a subterranean explosion), the weight would be distributed and held by friction along the periphery.  Then the hole could be managed while concrete is set above it.  (And to do this, a coaxile venting pipe would extend up from the blanket, and this would be gradually reduced to the diameter of a straw).

Finally, they are seeking HAIR to sop up the spilt oil.  Another fellow suggested using HAY, (on the Ed Schultz Show).   say we add OATMEAL to the mix.  I am serious.  Oatmeal would do wonders at sopping up oil, and sinking it to the bottom, where it could be dredged.  And I would suggest that we mainly use OATS hay, as well.  But of course, BP would rather pollute our waters, using toxins to DISPERSE the oil, and become invisible.

And after all, why should we put oats in our oil, when we are so accostomed to having OIL in our OATS?!  http://www.sustainableventures.us/resources/stories/oil_in_oatmeal.pdf

Thanks for letting me,  erm..., spout off  -  MadMan101 .

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