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READ ABOUT BP: A quick look at Wikipedia seems to show absolutely nothing about BP (British Petroleum) being the contractor of the Exxon-Valdez in 1989, and so should have been held responsible for the Alaskan Oil Spill clean-up - (AS IF EXXON EVER REALLY PAID UP!).  But you can read how BP has had shitty, exploding oil refineries and rigs from 2005-2010 - another nice bonus of the Bush Administrations - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BP.  Amazing that we have learnt nothing from any of this.  Looking Back at The Exxon Valdez Spill ... 

That BP & Exxon oil up thar in Alaska does virtually nothing for the USA - it all goes to Japan, while Alaskans, most prominantly Sara Palin, are paid off, by the $thousands and $millions, to encourage it.  BP has been a major lobbiest in WDC, passing out MILLIONS to our Congresspersons.  They buy off representatives to keep the laws lax - such as the lack of a requirement that AUTO-SHUTOFF VALVES, which exist in Europe in Brazil, be installed in any USA oil rigs.  Did you hear me?  Oil companies here are living in the WILD WILD WEST as far as safety precautions go.

READ ABOUT HALLIBURTON: And who is to thank for this?  The first George Bush, who appointed DICK CHENEY to his ENERGY TASK FORCE, which ultimately "recommended" that such safety standards simply be VOLUNTARY, i.e., non-existant.  What do you know?!  It was all an empire-building scam.  Dick Cheney's HALLIBURTON, guilty of so many other things, is being investigated for sloppy installation of the base of the oil rig which just blew up in the Gulf of Mexico, leading to possibly the worse environmental disaster in history.  How nice for him. 
Gulf spill: Worse than Exxon Valdez? - Environment- msnbc.com  HALLIBURTON: (Go to link in my last post).  Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halliburton  Gulf oil spill: The Halliburton connection | Greenspace | Los ...  (The other SMELLY FISH corporation in this disaster is TRANS-OCEANIC).

Some really great people to read or listen to regarding this whole affair, including the lies, shell games and mind games - Political, legal, economic... Highly recommended:

Greg Palast: http://www.gregpalast.com  
MIKE PAPANTONIO (and R.F.K. Jr.): http://www.ringoffireradio.com  
The Rude Punditt: http://www.rudepundit.blogspot.com  
James Traficant: http://www.traficantspeaks.com   http://www.jim-traficant.com  
Thom Hartman: http://www.thomhartmann.com  
Norman Goldman: http://www.normangoldman.com  
and others on HUFFINGTON POST: www.huffingtonpost.com/norman-goldman 

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