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I'm paying to be online cuz the library closed... So I can't waste time and add to this post... I can't get online w/ my laptop... This post was written yesterday about 4:pm...

Let's see... some interesting things to ponder:

Man falls to death in an 80-foot chimney, in WDC? Senate special committee on CLIMATE CONTROL suddenly put ON HOLD. (Well, Harry Reid wants to work on Immigration instead - as if it's IMPOSSIBLE to do both). Btw - Why on EARTH is that CLIMATE COMMITTEE made up of 1-J.Lieberman, 2-J.Kerry, and 3-L.Graam? Because: 1-Yale+Jewish branches of the NWO, 2-Harvard Branch, 3-Southern/Military-Industrial-Complex Branch. And prior to this, a very weird "veiled" accusation that Republican "LINDSEY GRAAM JUST MAY BE A HOMOSEXUAL!" was issued by some scripted Republican. So, hmmmm, we otta look into that 80-foot fall... I'm assuming it was in a NUKE PLANT cooling tower.

But isn't this to be expected - that addressing global warming will be put off a little longer due to mass migrations... a little longer due droughts and hunger... a little longer due to rampant disease and energy-terrorists... oh wait, a little longer due to: GLOBAL WARMING?!

That's the way the cookie crumbles. Btw - I accept the fact that an asteroid caused serious catastrophy and killed off many a dinosaur. But I have always had more knowledge than the general public, (including flash-in-the-pan scientists, apparently). I have always KNOWN that serious earth changes and extinctions were occuring many millions of years BEFORE the extinction of the dinosaurs, (and after) - and that this trouble BEGAN in the OCEANS, (forcing a fish or two to try on shoes), and later moved inland. According to me, this was a chnge involving either oxygen level, temperature, acidity, algae, and prolly all of these combined. I gained this knowledge by simply poring over comparative extinction timelines, and then comparing that to climate changes. Well, here it is: New scientific research confirmed my thoughts, "A global-warming-type climate change resulted in a cooling in the oceans, triggering eventual mass extinctions.

And here's another factoid showing how I'm always right: I once wrote a paper on global warming, and I wanted to include some discussion about how global warming can cause global cooling - but I was advised not to due so, and I agreed, since the paper was for an English class. But, yes it's true. There is renewed chance that the Atlantic oceanic belt may slow to a stop, due to INCREASED fresh-water run-off from the melting Arctic, and thus would likely cause a rapid freezinf of Europe, which could tilt everyone towards and Ice Age. AND, there is the increasing threat of (additional) cooling being cause by further ash clouds from the TWO Icelandic volcanoes. And this is weird, because I don't believe ONLY man has been causing global warming, but that there is a general warming throughout the SOLAR SYSTEM - associated with the sun, yet having deeper GALACTIC causes. Why is this weird/ Because a heating of the earth's INTERIOR from this Solar-system warming, (in addition to anthropogenic), is what is encouraging these volcanoes to errupt! (And this is also why there are more earthquakes). The first Icelandic volcano erupted at the very same time our planet was slammed with a SOLAR CORONAL EMISSION.

Btw - the time to be wary of earthquakes, (and volcanoes), according to me, is when most of these factors increase: Global Warming, (already stated); NEW MOON or full moon; a significant change in pressure from the surface, as in barometric pressure caused by an Arctic Thermal Inversion, (such as we had this last winter), or a great abundance of rain or snowfall. (And, a DROP of pressure can also have a little reverse influence as well, as from a prolonged drought). But the massive techtonic plates stress only in areas known to them. (We can only make statistical guesses as to where the next stress and quake may occur, based on how long it's been since there has been a quake in any certain area). And there is one more factor, related to the first, (warming):

Revelations speaks of times when floods and famine and earthquakes and EVERYTHING BAD all combine. This isn't simply due to over-imagination. People of ancient times, with better social memory, were aware that such terrors often occurred concurrently, in waves. For one thing, that is the nature of CHAOS. For another thing, that is the nature of the solar system's oscillation in the galactic plain. The Mayans were aware that every 56,000 years, (and in various more-or-less intense multiples/dividends of this, like every 3500 years), the earth passes through certain phases or zones within the galaxy and the solar system. And when the earth passes into a pretty bad zone, such as when it crosses the galactic plain, and has more direct situation to the black-hole centre of the galaxy, then a lot of bad things happen: Not only does the solar systemwarm, but the earth becomes exposed to an increase of otherwise RANDOM traffic of asteroids and meteorites. In other words, at the same time we experience GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE, we also experience A GREATER CHANCE OF BEING EXTINGUISHED BY A GIANT ASTEROID. That's why it now makes sense that the extinction of the dinosaurs was two to two main causes: because the two causes were related.

What about MAN's role in global warming?! Well, for one thing, you now see that I am no mere Progressive, maintaining that ONLY MAN is CAUSING global warming, or that global COOLING is not a possibility. Regarding the latter, another possibility is that global warming can lead to such an immense and sudden release of METHANE from the ocean depths, (and from melting Arctic tundra), than vast fires would put so many particulates into the air that an ice age could errupt within 3 years - not to mention the scenario where a nuclear war over resources erupts, leading to a nuclear winter... (There are SEVERAL ways that global warming could result in drastic global cooling. But I continue to use the term "GLOBAL WARMING", rather than "climate change", because GLOBAL WARMING IS WHAT IS HAPPENING).

And I am CERTAINLY not a climate-denier, like the sometimes idiotic ALEX JONES. And I don't claim that "SINCE WE BREATH CO2, IT COULDN'T POSSIBLY BE A POLLUTANT CAUSING GLOBAL WARMING!" - Of course not,cuz God set everything up for us to be happy and selfish and cruel and ignorant. And black and white.

But man's role in global warming is real. But here we get into an area of thought which is completely fascinating to me,but which would be a waste to include in this post, which is this: It ismore than possible that the existence and activity of man, including the exhausts of industry and agriculture and over-population, are somewhat determined within and by a greater context of geological, atmospheric, galactic and biological dynamics. Now - that is a HUGE topicto venture into right now, and I'm not gong there. But the simple answer is this: While it can be said that man has been causing global warming, man's existence and activities have been at least partly driven by vaster dynamics, including galactic changes.

By 2013, we will begin exiting the plain. We will enter an epoch different than the one now, but the great disasters will grow less and less, in 35 years, in 350 years, in 3500 years - it depends on how you look at it - but the pains of childbirth will eventually grow less and less. Perhaps we will all be dead, and perhaps not. If not, then there will be 9 BILLION of us in 40 years, incapable of feeding ourselves unless we invent some new distribution system and/or economics and/or energy source. An since a now-increasingly-benevolent universe would tend not to let us starve, it would favour just such developments. That is, again, if we happen to EXIST. But keep in mind these numbers, (for the next topic): 56,000 divided by 3,500 = 16. 16 x 5 = 80. And 1/2 of 16 = 8. (8, btw, is the fav # of the Chinese).

This post wasn't supposed to be a global warming post - but it is Malaria Day, and a day after Earth Day, so I guess it's OK. I'll do the rest of the post later, cuz I have other things to do. But it will be somehow related to this post, so keep an eye out for it... It will begin by talking about Obama, my dog, and sliced penis.

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