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I am the person who will destroy China.

LOOPBACK, (it's a set-up) - DYSFUNCTION, part 1

No relapse - ergo, pizza. And beer. I know I shouldn't - it doesn't feel right, but I need a break from illness and thinking about things. I never WORRY, for I am a man. But the tiny dancer inside me wets her pants. So - I'm basically rewarding myself for all the stuff I got done yesterday. And I'll also get the recyclables together tonight. I won't be too drunk cuz I only bought a 6-pack.

Pizza: I like to cook up my own toppings and add that to the delivered pizza. This time, I cooked them up, w/ spices etc., tomato powder, etc. But I couldn't be bothered looking for the can-opener, to open some tomato paste to thicken up the mix. So, I just splashed the wet mix onto the pizzas. I have invented something. Really. Throw EXTRA tomato juice & toppings on TOP of the finished pizza - it is a wet tomatoey pleasure. Only problem: MY pizza was already undercooked, so TOO wet - and the cheese kept sliding off. Dog likes pizza, btw. He knew what I meant when I said "pizza" and then "wait for pizza!" at which point he looked at the front door and sniffed away. I love how dogs communicate. I hate my dog, though. He eats cat turds and drools and gets all sluggish. Jeeze I hate that. And people wonder why you would PREFER their cats stay out of your yard - BECAUSE YOUR DOG - AND YOU - CAN GET WORMS AND DISEASE!!! It is fun to think these things while eating pizza.

So - I'm going to try to make this post and hope it doesn't collapse in the middle... I have lots of thoughts on immigration I have scantly put into my journal. Some will be included here, but I want to be as breif as possible. That is why I am explaining everything. To make things briefer.

It starts like this: I want to get another flashdrive, aka, thumbdrive. ONE THAT WAS'T MADE IN CHINA. Why? Because I fully believe that MANY computer products from China have TRAPDOORS and TROJANS deliberately inserted into them, at the behest of the Chinese government. Believe me, I've had experience here. China once invaded my scrotum and started roasting marshmallows and before I could do anything I was turning tricks on the streets of Moscow. It's all over the place, this cyber hacking and spying.*

Did you know that the Chinese government went to Microsoft, and said, "Hey, Buddy! We fear that your U.S.A. government is planting virus backdoors IN the secret code in your Microsoft software! So, please show us all of your secret code!" And Microsoft said, "OK! Sure!" Do you know what this means? China now knows how to insert IT'S OWN TRAPDOORS INTO MICROSOFT PROGRAMS! Oh so what?! That means they can steal your computer w/o you knowing it, and use it in a cyber war against any network or public utility or government agency or whatever!!! And you know what else? When USA BANKS went to Microsoft, and said the same thing, requesting to see the secret code, Microsoft said, "Fuck no!"

I am talking LOOPBACK, babes. I am talking about how we are screwing ourselves in the ass. I guess this is an introduction to the upcoming post on DYSFUNCTION.

How come we don't have thumbdrives made in the USA? Cuz we screwed ourselves royally and sent all our companies and jobs and capital and intelligence to China.

Well, the rabid conservatives are all shouting that the government is taking our guns and our bullets away, since Obama is from Chicago! OMG! Guns and bullets - how are we ever going to KILL PEOPLE without them?! OMG OMG OMG!!! And when Obama was elected, they all ran to the gun shops and there was a run on guns and bullets - thus they fulfilled their own prophesy of a shortage, and they get to blame it NOT on their idiocy, but on the government.

There happens to be some weird metal-recycling thing going on with military shell casings, however. Of minimal impact. AND, there DOES happen to be this emerging WAR WITH MEXICO...

That's right. That's what I said. I have postulated about a possibility of a war with Mexico, and I concluded it is slightly less than more likely. But Mexico is warming up to China, and the US don't like that. But it is being predicted that there would be a war with Mexico one day.* And look what's going on in the mean time:

Military-class guns are being sold - in BULK - to Mexican drug lords. And this activity is said to be sponsored by the CIA, and others. No surprise here. The drug war is being ratched up, once again to create a false enemy. And to inculcate fear into the American masses, making them easier to control.

The state of ARIZONA is all insane about WHAT TO DO about all the drugs and the violence and the illegal aliens. How fortunate. They are passing a law allowing people to carry UNREGISTERED guns on the streets, as a way of shooting back. Shooting back at the guns our government sold to Mexican drug lords. ha! And it's OK to carry guns out in the open, like on the Potomac in WDC, if you're WHITE. But if you're BROWN in Arizona, you can be picked up by the police, FOR ANY REASON, should another law go through.* Now, that's what they did with Jews in NAZI Germany, yes?

Arizonans are so pumped up about illegal immigrants that they have been at the FOREFRONT of the call to have Obama PROVE HE HAS A LEGAL US BIRTH CERTIFICATE! (Which he HAS). I mean, Arizona is full of a lot of VERY PARANOID PEOPLE - and they are retirement age Republicans who hate OBAMA-Care but love SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICAID but HATE "SOCIALISM". I think there is no other explanation for this other than MAD COW DISEASE. These folks brang us the government that deregulated everything BUT ILLICIT DRUG SALES and such, and now they are screaming that Obama's government wants to destroy their freedom! Yo - impending DEATH wants to destroy your freedom - so shut the fuck up!

Upon "Reasonable Suspicion", any police officer will be able to pick up any person in Arizona, pin something on him/her, and send him to someplace unpleasant. "Reasonable Suspicion?" How about we just put a pink triangle on all the gay peoples' chests, or a Star of David on every Jew? Wouldn't THAT kind of profiling make our ZERO TOLERANCE pananoia so much easier to execute? Shouldn't OBAMA simply wear the MARK OF CAIN on his forehead to prove that he is, in fact, BLACK, and therefore, INHERENTLY NOT LEGAL?!!

Obama didn't ask for the depression, or the TARP funds, or the secret sale of guns to Mexican war lords. But he is the one who WANTS TO TALKE YOUR GUNS AWAY!

So, it's OK for the police to pull anyone over, on the suspicion they are illegal in some way, especially immigration-wise. But who knows what else. Well, doesn't this just carry forth the whole argument that WE SIMPLY INSTITUTE A NATIONAL I.D. CARD?!?! Wait! Woe! Not THAT! But THEN, the next thing we know, the government will be MICROCHIPPING US with RFID chips that cause cancer! Can anyone say HYPOCRACY?! Look: LOOPBACK! SCREWING OURSELVES IN THE ASS.

And apparently loving it, in some perverse S&M way. Is that really what Americans were born for? This idiocy? And listen... By the time the TeaBaggers are calling for violence against the government, Liberals/Progressives are finally at the point of saying, "Well! You conservatives call us the DemoCRAT party! Which is demeaning! So nYah! We're going to call YOU names now! nYah!" Look. The only way you deal with a biting serpent head is to smash it even if it's dead. Thank god we live in a democracy where you don't have to go so far as violence but YO step it up PLEASE. "CRUSH!"

The fear of aliens has become so intense - the whole economy is being blamed on immigrants - on Obamas, on Mexicans, on conniving Arab women in Burkhas, (Googe David Savitch - sp?). Another way of saying it: The faltering economy is being blamed on people of different skin colour - just as they did with the Jews in Weimar Germany - but the fact is this: It wasn't the minorities who caused the problems! It was the corporations in league with the government - who USED the minorities to suit their own ends. But to oppose the coporations is to OPPOSE THE FREE MARKET, we have been taught. But these corporations are wealthy tyrants.

Again - it is being reduced to simplicity formulae of the GOOD AMERICAN - in fact traitors - bringing guns to protests on the Potomac in WDC, whereas any undefended minority can be picked up for ANY SUSPECTED TERRORISM.

They can't open their eyes - because this has been creeping in bit by bit - tenderising conscience as if it were meat. OK - I am too drunk to get into how this is mainly all a set-up - a scam - a scheme by the corporate class, to enrage, en masse, people against the government, so as to weaken it, and bring up the power of what is, essentially, the rule of corporate fascism - although it is panned off as "Ayn Rand Free Choice". An since when did not RELIGION in this country rush into any space that Libertarianism opened up?! Free choice, my ass. Do any of these TeaBaggers have the foggiest idea of how SERIOUS and yet INSANE and DANGEROUS is this latest ruling by the Supreme Court: That corporations have the same (GREATER) right to speach as do individuals?! And similar insane, activist rulings continue to come down the Supreme Court's pike, AS SCHEDULED. A schedule that goes back at least to 1947, and even 30 years earlier. This ain't no Disco.

It's all in the favour of the corporations. And the people who rule them are only a handful of families, across the globe, controlling governments as well. And, I need to convey to you, somehow, without you dismissing me as a conspiracy nut, that ASSASINATIONS ARE TAKING PLACE ALL THE TIME, LEFT AND RIGHT: Wellstone, and many, many, many more.* And as long as were here, why doesn't someone INVESTIGATE WHETHER RUPERT MURDOCH IS BEING SUPPLEMENTED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF CHINA, FGS!!!

And, the lates news is that FACEBOOK is set up to let the CIA spy on us. Really. Main-stream news. ha! I'm telling you, folks, it's all around us now. There is no freedom. Even if Avatar takes you away. What will it be like when Global Climate Change is SEVERE? Do you think there will be freedom then, unless in the form of extremely painful rebellion? No - it's being set up even as we speak. It's being set: who will win and who will lose in the next 50 years. And I can guarantee you, none of us is in the positive side of any of their equations. It's too big - our children will look back and see these times as ridiculously naive and irresponsible and cowardly. Meanwhile, the Bush family moves to Paruguay, to, "get away from it all."

Think of it this way: It's end-times. Only you can change this. Because that's both a meme and a fact.

* China cyber-trapdoors are EVERYWHERE: Listen to podcast: NPR, "Fresh Air", Monday 4/20/10.
* Impending war with Mexico, and other scenaria: Google "The Next One Hundred Years". (Or "100")
* New Arizona laws concerning suspected illegals and guns: Google "Ed Schultz Show" (4/20/10) and also http://www.normangoldman.com (4/20/10)
* Secret assassinations are always happening: http://www.coasttocoastam.com (4/9?/10) (or "http://www.coast-to-coastam.com - or some variation - sorry)
* Medical and political conspiracies: http://www.doctormarysmonkey.com

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