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I'd like a big bowl of chewy nipples please

Well, those comps at Coleman not only don't have floppies, they won't let me summon my Yahoo toolbar, which is a minor inconvenience. And what's with Y Toolbars new mail mesaages alert - it's boring and doesn't catch the eye like the old yellow bell. Speaking of email - the porn spam is back... "Of course LoriDoesMrEd can be BarnyardLove" and "Yes he chokes her is hurting her" - sometimes these blurbs are so entertaining, it's worth the clutter!

Well, my neighbor lady keeps waving at me now - I guess she's happy I never suspected them of burning my garage just because they are black. I like most blacks - since I am one in a way - an outsider. A radical in the shadows. I just hope the males next door don't get weird again once the fence goes up, which will be soon.

It's those damn Slavs ya gotta look out for.

I was so tired yesterday, just because I got up and going when I knew my body would eventually object. So I lay around and slept a lot aft/eve, and this morn, and still not 100%. Although, I am taking longer breaks from cigs.

I bought some red and white crysanthemums (SP?!!!!) and placed them on my car. When I leave here, (Alpine bibliotech), I'm going to give my car a Superman cape - although it has the black/white (Wisconsin) cow design. I know how yas hate Wisconsin - but it's just a form of rebellion. I hope the police don't stop me for aesthetic reasons, because I have no idea where my wallet/license is at the moment.

Just checking my financial sit, and have no other plans for the day.

About that error where I turned on my flashers the other night. That made me think about "subconscious errors, or Freudian slips". I can guarantee that my error wasn't that at all - but there may be times when people make fortuitous mistakes or blunders, etc., which just happen to be meaningful to reality - by chance - by coincidence, and some people, and certainly arrogant psychologists, may then attribute these to Bbeing Freudian slips, unconcscious, etc., and then even form a diagnosis around them - when in fact they are only coincidence, or even synchronicity, or even, as some may say, divine intervention. I do hold that the world is always about 50% magical, give or take a few points, depending on dif sits/persons. So God damn all those who would exploit or destroy this, and make us subservient to Ceasar's temporal wisdom, hey?


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