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I am the person who will destroy China.

and whatnot

At the nice new library.  My thumbdrive totally works on this computer - that is special.

I've been reformatting the lapdrive at home - everything was all set up to start but then there was a problem.  Now I'm going to Best Buy real quick.  I look pretty hot today.  But I gotta get rid of this mole.

I think I'll have another Filet-o-Fish - I love how Newt Gingrich sings that song on the commercial.

Someone likened Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman as a Presidential ticket "Just like Thelma and Louis!"  I guess so - like the country, they'd be driving off the cliff, saying, "Oh, see, THAT wasn't so bad!...  And hey, look!  We can fly!"

Anyway, I'm in a hurry...  This is something I wrote a night or two ago about beer and fish and gozilla and whatnot...

I had me some sorghum beer - Redbridge gluten-free by Anheuser-Busch. It's not as fun as beer and yet not as icky. People who hate beer could prolly drink this and like it. But there'snothing spectacular about it - except that I have no migraine this morning. And yet I had a fillet-o-fish and a sandwich last night, (wheat). I like singing the fillet-o-fish song. I was singing it in McDonalds. I love them with a bunch of ketchup. They are rare treats for me. But they should cost a dollar.

Oh - you don't really get drunk on that beer. You're normal until you suddenly realise you can't do anything.

Last night I dreamt that I was with some pals in a building, maybe WGN. Then we had to leave. But I realised I should go back to our "office" to keep my things from being stolen. Now the building was clearly a dorm. An I was floating through the hallways, passing dormrooms, looking for something. Now the rooms were actually residents sitting outside their rooms, with their papers and stuff out. I noticed that one of them had a note from me - her name was Godzilla - and it was a note from Madman. Then I noticed that almost everyone had notes written from me - these were all COMMENTS I made on the computer. I had no idea - EVERONE had one. It was kind of embarassing. Why was I dreaming of dorms? Because I was reminded of Madison last night when I watched Hank's son get sick on Lutefisk.

I saw a nice HP netbook for $350 yesterday - nice keyboard - the keys on my laptop are starting to wear. I'll prolly buy it although I'd prefer Dell over HP. I didn't do as much yesterday as I had wanted, cuz I was worried about dog poop, but I'll go again soon. I sent $5o to the Community Gardens guy. Because I'm an idiot. I was thinking about doing that, while walking home. I was amazed that I had no sense of "FEELING GOOD" about it - no warm and fuzzy ego-gratification. I thought maybe I do things like that "cuz it's part of living a Christian life" in the ethical sense. But I was not motivated by anything, really - I just did it. Not duty or whatever. It's more like: when you have enough to spare, you give away some, because you're lucky fate hasn't taken it away already. It's an offering to the gods, who are as ducks in a pond, waiting for your fillet-a-fish, floating down the hall.

This thing abut the govnah of Virginia proclaiming April "Confederacy Month" or whatever... I would have been fine about it, like you are with kids who don't know any better. But I think it's fuckin time they grew up. Their making our lives hell. They didn't even mention slavery.

And all the right-wing talk show people are basically telling listeners not to fill out the CENSUS - and Eric Erickson is basically suggesting they SHOOT Census-takers. Well, if the rednecks don't take the Census, that means they get less Federal dollars, which means they stay poor and toothless and EASY TOOLS FOR CRAPPY CORPORATE EMPLOYERS LIKE MASSEY, WALMART, OR CHINA. Which ISN'T fine, even though the SOUTH has only "RISEN" in the last decades only because it has been a WELFARE MOM sucking up MILITARY DOLLARS from OUR TAXES.

Or DINOCORPS or HALLIBURTON - i.e., Rumsfeld or Cheney - both, AMONG OTHER THINGS, suspected of running world-wide child-traficking networks for pedophilic sex. One reason everone is focusing on the Catholic Church is because these guys are shifting the focus away from their syndicates. If I were Robert Kennedy, Jr., I'd stop allowing my kids to go over to the Cheney house for cake and fun, as they've done in the past.

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