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I am the person who will destroy China.


PREPOST SYNDROME: Always leave them laughing and off balance! - Really? Walking here, to Subway/Library, some tall black guy is walking ahead of me and he eventually turns around and says, as I approach, "Oh, I THOUGH I heard someone behind me!" So I say, "I didn't!... I looked behind me and there was no one there. So we're OK..." He laughs. He fisteh bumps me. Then he asks for money. I say no.

Also, there's a GOODWILL in the parkign ramp by the Coronado! I walk past and some older guy is driving out of the ramp while I'm crossing in full view. It takes him abut a half an hour to screach and stop and look like he just crapped in his pants. Prolly did. I just skipped along like Peter to his theme music. "Sttin on the bu-bus... Sittin on the bu-us..."

I'm in Subway and the girl goes "Welcom to Subway." - So I say, "Oh, thank you. Welcome to ME." So then she's fixing my salad and she turns around and starts coughing - I swear to god, I think she coughed on her glove. Then she finishes making the salad. I reckon she coughed because I somehow inserted her into a parallel universe which she wasn't expecting. I decided to eat only part of the salad - build up my immunity for later.

LAST NIGHT: I'm at home eating tomato soup, but I'll be posting this at the library - I have devious plans to shop all day. Mainly what I need ar three big rawhide bones and a modem for my dog.

I've never had such GOOD tomato soup as I've been eating these days. It's amazing yum! "[INSERT QUESTION HERE]", you may ask? Because I've been using TOMATO POWDER from Orgon Spice Company, via azurestandard.com.... Generally, I boil carrot slices (and maybe whatever) and add onion powder, a shake of pepper, some cumin, a shake of mexican spice, a tiny shake of hot spice, about 3 grams of stevia, a tiny bit of baking soda, a little oil, and a little Italian spice although I'd prefer just parsley and maybe basil - and then either V8 or tomato paste, so that the water is just a little too thin to be tomato soup. Then I add a good amount of the t-powder, and that's it. (I don't cook the latter long because the best health effects are from only partly cooked - as it is with many other veggies). And now I'm also adding arrowroot powder as a thickener, which works great, but it must be mixed carefully before heated.

OK - Topic of the journal: Things are not always what they seem...

Yesterday afternoon, I notice some weird pile in front of a neaby apartment building. Upon further inspection, I found that it was several human beings under a big blanket. They were lying on a tarp on the grass, under a blanket. They were talking and moving. One jumped out and it was a little girl - it looked like my little friend who moved away. I wondered if they were being defiant of the Neighbourhood Association lady. But later, I heard that the Teaparty was in town and teabaggers were all lying on blankets in some local park. So maybe my neighbours were doing some Ghandi kind of protest.

My dog pooped on the front porch. I was so disappointed with him. I should have known it was coming when I saw him drunkenly sniffing the bottom of a mop. But I think one reason he did it was to ward of evil spirits. He sleeps in the hall, near the door to the front porch. At 6:am there was a big loud storm outside, so he prolly was scared and now he's trying to poop away the thunder. He often uses poop as a kind of anti-welcome wagon at various gates and windows he rarely frequents - which is why I never take him into the attic or basement - but he's usually very responsible otherwise. For instance, he does my taxes.

"We will leave no stone unturned getting to the bottom of this," declared a Massey Energy and Body-Mining Company spokesman, (unaware of the irony but perhaps of the lie), and, "This was a really BIG explosion, and WOW, and HOW TERRIBLE, and SO FORTH..."

He also reported that they would wait two days, making sure that it was safe to rescue any survivers down there. And meanwhile, THEY NEVER INFORMED THE FAMILIES OF THE VICTIMS! It might have been nice if they had made sure things were safe BEFORE the WORKERS ever began mining. What do you expect from a company which has had 1,300 safety, etc., violations ON THIS MINE - including failures to VENT METHANE GAS OUT SO NO EXPLOSION WOULD OCCUR! "We will leave no stone unturned..." MY GOD.

"Mines are dangerous."

MINE MINE MINE - To Massey, this means huge salaries and bonuses for CEOs, a doubling of profits while the industry is in the skids and the globe is warming, AND A VIRTUAL EXTINCTION OF UMWA UNION WORKERS FROM ALL MASSEY MINES! Thank GOD for deregulation. Thank GOD FOR MASSEY'S TORT REFORM lobbiests!

"Mistakes were made."

25 people killed and no one goes to jail - but corporations can spend as much as they want on propaganda and internet censorship "BECAUSE THEY ARE PEOPLE" who never die nor feel pain or pangs of humanity.

I was going to add more to this post now that I'm at the library but I'll do it later tonight in another post... I thought I had $180 in my pocket but it's at home in my shorts. Dang. OK - gotta do stuff that I hate now that I feel great... ugh!!!!

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