I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

* BOING ! *

Happy Easter to you! I like the secular and mythical idea of Easter, and if it keeps Christians in line, that's good too. But I still maintain that Jesus never ate chocolate. And the thing I don't like about Easter, which I used to LOVE, is that it means SPRING is here. It means I have to deal with grass and dog shit and weeds and old leaves and NEIGHBOURS. And not only do I have zero interest in this now, I need all the time I can get to do OTHER stuff so I can eventually move to a place where I can LOVE gardening again and do it PERPETUALLY.

And it's a HELLA spring! In like 2 days every frickin thing POPPED out of the ground - forsythias are blooming and tulips are already wilting. This is surreal. BTW - I predict a serious drought for this year. And come November 8, there will be a major disaster or war - (most likely plunge #2 of depressomania).

I can't really figure out why anyone would want to play Farmville instead of going outside and gardening, unless it had avatars who were, say, actual serfs in South America slaving away to send us real food, making more than 12 cents a year. But it's nice that games can NETWORK people - go to http://www.zynga.org. And go see amazing photos of insects covered in morning dew at http://www.mikenowak.com.

I had a dream which was inspired by other people - I mean they were MAKING me have the dream - like when someone dies and POP they're in your dream. In this case, there were a few relatives, kids running around (cuz it's Easter), my dog, and carface. We were staying in stationary train cars and Tom Cruise / Sarah Palin (the same person) wanted to have sex with me and carface. As the day went on, he/she gave me a shoehorn to remind me - but no one wanted to. A shoehorn! I forgot the rest - oh, I cooked chickin by putting it under my mattress... and Sarah-Tom was chiding me for some immorality and I totally turned it on her.

It amazes me how I burn through alcohol. (The only prob I have w/ alcohol is when the CFS/migraines/etc. interfere). I get undrunk so fast that it is simply too expensive for me to become an alcoholic. But when I am drunk, I crank the stereo up and SING and am REALLY CONVINCED that my mission in life is now to become a singing, fighting Irishman - a combo of a Pogue, Teddy Kennedy and Lady Gaga - and basically become famous by creating an endless ruckus for the LITTLE guy. Then, when I am sober 5 minutes later, I realise how pointless being drunk is, and how it would only prevent me from inventing a perpetual motion machine. And the only compromise is being a half-drunk WRITER but I know from experience that that is basically PERGATORY.

Still working on data / revamping computer - so I'll be back into LJ in a day or two - sorry for the delay.

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