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all cars must pass

Oh great - the library comp I'm using doesn't have a floppy drive - so I can't post those quotes I got for yus all. Later. BUT DON'T PRESSURE ME ALRIGHT!

Building Dept. said Zoning doesn't like my having a garage on a houseless lot. But, they said they'd just deal w/ the fire/repair issue for now. Leaving home, I saw a City car across the street, so I back up to it - and it keeps backing away... away. I asked the guy if he was looking at my garage - he said yes, but talked about how it shouldn't be there. I asked if he was w/ Zoning and he said no. So, I just cross my fingers and hope the City doesn't ask me demolish it soon.


And some men in long dark coats are typing in their Missionary Weekly Reports. They have little signs on their chests, like, "ELDER CORNWELL...JESUS CHRIST". The small print is impossible to read.

And another thing....

Most Republicans - I mean the political assholes - go around pontificating morality and criticising Evolution Theory. But despite their sanctimony, or BECAUSE OF IT, they act like the most primitive apes the human race can produce - preying upon the weak, saying one thing and using contradictory force, gossipping and backstabbing, using God as an excuse to be better than others - giving them the right to STARE and to BLAME and to STALK and to KILL and to Abu Abu Abu... To spend away the country's wealth, and never help the poor except for photo opportunities. BLEGH!

MAN! The most obnoxious arguing couple are here. No care for each other, or for ANY OF US.


(Synchronicity, chaos, Kismet, Karma, or MY OWN NATURAL REVENGE!)

Last night, I left the ERC, after approaching Angie and just looking straight at her - I didn't really recognise her because her mouth wasn't open. She waved and that was that. Anyway, there's another cold front at the ERC. I get in my car, and drive off, followed - I mean TAILGATED - by some boy in a dark racy car. So, this might have been one of those jealous/angry dudes that seem to rise up amongst the gossippy girls I come accross - like that boy w/ the WI plate who acted like he was going to ram me, because he is Lindsay's little pawn.

So - I'm not driving slow - but this guy is only a few feet behind me. I kind of do a lazy swimmy thing, and then curve to the left so cool and fast and breezy, and immediately turn left onto Springbrook. Like - "you think you're cool, well I'm cool too, so just go away and let me be my kinda cool!" Anyway, he's still tailgating like a maniac, so I decide to slam on my breaks. And this does the job, as usual, and he backs off. But then we're going south on Mulford, and he's dashing in and out of traffic like a psycho, like he's GOT to out-maneuver me. So, no sweat. He makes a light and is out of sight. I still go my cool way south, and am gearing to turn right onto Harrison, and there's an accident in the turn lane (elbow?). Yep, he rammed some lady, so there thay are, and I drive past - ya ha. I win the "race" after all. He thought he was immortal, but I hexed him. And revenge # 2, I return up Harrison, and now am turning left back onto Mulford, and now the cops are there. Yooo hoo! I turn on my blinkers, which he obviously sees, and go my merry way.

So he thinks I'm flashing vengence at him. Yet the weird thing is, I hit the flashers by mistake - (something that never happens). So, I get my revenge simply because of natural chance variation. Evolution, I love you. You are mine! God bless the retards like me.

Now if this WAS a jealous guy, then woe hey, the talk and the spite will only continue and fester further.

And yo hey. Mr. crazy gay guy on the corner has to move out of his house - out of the neighborhood - off of my lot he thinks he owns.

And Happy Mister Arson Guy, I think he was arrested. So yeah, ditto!

he haw!

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