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OK - I have several posts going out, touching on the wealth care debate - I had a bunch of notes, towards expanding on these...  but what I'm going to do is make a quick list for you from some of these notes, and hope that you also read the other posts....  let's see...

- Thursday day post (March 11) - second half (politics/conspiracy)
- Thursday evening post (March 11) - begining (politics) and the note at the end
- (earlier posts): The bean-bagger post and others

Well - HA! - I've decided this is too much to do right now.  I need to do other things, and I can't focus on this.  So, I will hopefully do a full post later.  BUT....

Here is part of an incomplete letter to Pres. Obama concerning health care reform, written late summer 2010, I think...  I wanted to give it more attention but never did...  On accounta my mind...

What is it that makes health care, or a public option, so expensive, besides corporate profits?  It is two things: Catastrophic Care, and Basic Care.  So, how 'bout we separate these two problems?  How 'bout we go down the middle road?

And what makes HEALTH so expensive?  It is a lack of investment in PREVENTIVE CARE.  Few sane people would argue with this.  So, how about we incorporate preventive care into the equation without exorbitant expense?  Are you still with me?
I propose something very simple and very easy to understand.  A three-tiered system.

1 - Preventive and basic care, at the state level, in conjunction with Medicaid.
2 - Medical Care, at the level of MediCare for all.
3 - Catastrophic care, at the level of current Insurance Companies, and Social Security?.

Number two: Medicare for All.  This is expanded to everyone, and is supplemented by number one, number two, and/or health insurance companies.  It is a completely Federal Program.

Number one: Preventive.  This is a program administered by the states, with Federal subsidy for low-income, and paid into by those who don't meet low-income requirements.  It is the FUNDAMENTAL foundation of health, where counties create non-profit basic care cooperatives whcih include URBAN FARMING, and related non-profit endeavors, as well as local clinics.  This is a county-level enterprise competing for better health, and new immigrants, through coordinated health maintenance and social cooperations.  The county basic health care cooperatives can extend to adjoining counties.  Although Federally supported, it will mainly be a state-supported enterprise encouraging new residents and business in local areas.  It will supplement Medicare with basic services such as dental and check ups, etc..  I would refer to it as the FAMILY PLAN.  This cuts away the expense of BASIC CARE from Medicare.

Number three: Catastrophic.  Insurance companies can compete for this.  But a public option would be essential here.  And so would a coordination of FEMA.  Tie this into national security and you save billions of dollars.

Number two can be introduced innitially as a public option, and more focus can be paid to number one innitially.  But the basic places where health insurance companiess need to end up are in number two and number one.

The political advantage of this plan is that states may or may not choose to cooperate on number one.  Should they choose not to cooperate, then the Federal Government would only cover low-incomes.  But, should they choose not to advance on number one, they would eventually experience depopulation.

I, personally, am opposed to state-wide cooperatives; to cross-state insurance, since there is no redress of grievances, and to ...  ENDS HERE 

AND: My stance on the Senate (& prolly House) Wealth Care Bill:

I am OPPOSED to it.

Please press Senators and Representatives to demand a PUBLIC OPTION in upcoming "Health Care" Reform legislation - at the very least. This is one of the most important issues in our lifetime. Letters don't work - they sit for weeks in an inspection facility before reaching representatives. Emails are a dime a dozen. QUICK AND SIMPLE POSTCARDS work the best! Please see http://www.whipcongress.com and http://www.normangoldman.com

Also in the House: A bill concerning medical marijuana!

Also in the Senate (I believe): A BIG PHARMA proposal TO REGULATE HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS like medicines. When will the greed stop?!

Just for the record:

The number of billionaires increased this year, over last, by about 33% - and you can bet the other billionaires got richer.

The baled-out, illegal money-launderer for GREECE, Goldman-Sachs, has given over BILLIONS of our taxes as bonuses to it's CEOs and management, and is seeking legislation wherein corporations are not responsible to shareholders. Because it is it's own PERSON.

$175 billion of the STIMULUS BILL went to CHINA - NOT to U.S. manufacturing and jobs. This so overheated China's economy, they are now taking measures to slow it down. MUST BE NICE.

The JOBS BILL which finally passed the Senate is only ONE TENTH the size of what the House wanted, and is also FULL OF GIVEAWAYS TO CORPORATIONS - I don't have my notes, but it is another large sum...

Between $338 and $500 billion of taxpayer money will be GIVEN AWAY to the insurance industry over the next ten years, as provisioned in the current Senate Health Care bill, which Obama supports.

The "Friends of the Chamber" (U.S. Chamber of Commerce) has sent out 700,000 letters to Congress OPPOSING a public option. That's IN ADDITION to all the money being spent by BIG PHARMA and BIG INSURANCE and even the HOSPITAL INDUSTRY.

No legislation re-regulating banks, money-houses, wall street or the Fed have yet occurred. We are in MORE danger of a great depression as we were BEFORE the current crisis.

Corporations have been granted the right to spend endless money on any political speech they wish. They are now "PEOPLE". That includes corporations from China and Mars. THAT means GOODBYE LIVEABLE PLANET.

ha ha ha I so funny...

Even crazy people like Eric Massa sometimes speak the truth... ("Oh, he's just depressed")

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