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I hate to burst your bubble, but this televised conference, between Obama and the GOP Senators, IS mainly FACETIME - exactly what we need in improving health care. Sure, it looks and sounds like they are discussing important points, but that's because both parties are trying to rescue themselves from the rising ANTI-INCUMBENCY fervour in the country, spawned by both parties inaction or impotence. Inaction that is paid for by the Corporate World Order.

Never be absorbed into the movement in front of your eyes: Look at the history,the bigger picture, the hidden motivations - the lies. The GOP is simply trying to convey that they have, all the while, been THINKING about the issues, and acting out of principles, when all they have been doing is being contrary, and cow-tied by lobbyists. Obama is returning with his masterful rhetoric and brokerage and listening skills - but he has conspired to have single-payer advocates arrested from the Senate, does not advocate a public option, and has made deals with pharma and insurance to have key USEFUL and POPULAR provisions removed from the bill, most prominently, the fair pricing of drugs in-country and from overseas. (Yes, he's better than nothing - but so are we). It's not difficult for these folks to act like they care - that they think - because they got to where they are by being duplicitous and looking wise. Do you hear ANY discussion of a PUBLIC OPTION? No. Because big INSURANCE doesn't want it.

This conference will move things along according to plan - and many will be convinced that real progress is being made. But only a modicum of progress will be made, compared to what is needed, what is possible, and what is requested by the majority. This is, in the main, another corporate-induced, media-managed Dog and Donkey show. Pageantry. A year late. A YEAR...

"Every single Republican I have ever met is a wholy-owned subsidiary of the insurance industry!" While Cheney and Limbaugh and Congress reap the benefits of the best SOCIALISED MEDICINE the world has to offer... We have to beg just to live.

NOTE: Howard Dean is now on the Ed Schultz Show - of the same opinion, at least regarding the Republicans - & suggesting we drop the Individual Mandate; saying we need to expand Medicare ASAP, and blasting the Republicans on their pro-monopoly "across state lines" rhetoric. I REALLY hope he runs, with Feingold, in 2012.

BTW - PLEASE seek out and listen to two of my favourite intellects: Thom Hartmann is speaking with JEREMY RIFKIN on the Thom Hartman show today, (I believe). (Google; or Green 960 in SF; AM 1230 in Reno; AM 820, and 92.5, 92.7 and 99.9 FM Chicago).


xxbrokenxangel at 2010-02-25 20:50 (UTC) (Lien)
Wasn't Howard Dean the one who in 2004 got caught doing that weird battle cry type thing at some rally? I wasn't thinking of voting for him. I was looking at this other military type dude (NO! Not John McCain..Id rather eat my foot). Can't remember his name. lol But I wound up voting for Bush (don't worry I regretted it 6 months later). We're screwed with all parties now. Now they all lie and mislead, so I say vote for the person with the prettiest sounding lies. Or atleast the one whose lies aren't as...big?!? How ridiculous we have to choose between HUGE lies and big lies. Im sure our generation will adjust, but its just a great big clusterfuck.
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madman101 at 2010-02-25 23:43 (UTC) (Lien)
We need policy but all we get is perverted politics!

Yes - Howard Dean was the screamer ha ha! NPR plays that every wednesday at the beginning of "Talk of the Nation". It's freaky. He was in charge of much of Obama's tactical campaign, and is greatly responsible for Obama winning. I've disagreed w/ him in the past, but he's lookng REALLY good these days - so are Anthony Weiner, that Sestak(???) guy from florida, Feingold, Sanders, and some other progressives - and even Ron Paul. There ARE good people to vote for. But there are two problems, which now seem PERMANENT, now that the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are free to spend as much $$$ as they want supporting candidates...

1 - campaign finance insanity and the vapid whores it attracts

2 - we are locked into a two-party ping-pong game - lies vs lies - and OTHER parties and ideas have no chance of seriously influencing things. Clusterfuck ha ha!...

I'm trying to think - maybe you were talking about Jim Web (D) from Virginia although I'm not sure if he ran. Thanks for the great comment.
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