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Some GREAT new communities to join! (At least, they will be one day...)

They will be fancied up when I get a new computer and am darn well ready - PLUS did I mention we need maintainers?

Go ahead and join! Make money, have fun, get active, STOP THE SANITY! Post anything you want now because that moves the community up in the LJ INTEREST-SEARCH lists - as a kind of ad. For the foreseeable future, ALL MY COMMUNITIES ALLOW COMMUNITY PROMO AND ADD-ME REQUESTS! (All community adds, and many posts, are moderated until membership reaches 100 due to some security concerns).

! - just fun
$ - means you can buy, sell or trade here to some degree
x - means there is considerable snark or opinionating - buyer beware
f - a comfortable forum or social network
p - progressive scientific and/or political)

p asian_carp - Asian Carp & species changes in temporate zones.
p bite_me_daily - The P-Zinger News Service.
f ! christmas_365 - Every day is Christmas; and everyone is an Elf.
! dance_factoryy - The ALL NIGHT DANCE PARTY!
p eco_altrnatives - Ecological and economic alternatives.
x ! effing_retards - Vote: MONKEYWRENCH 2012 !
f p futurehistories - Looking backwards from alternate futures.
! x girls_are_borg - Talk amongst yourselves...
! madsanity_101 - All thats left after the Apocalypse, w/half th calories.
p $ making_it_usa - Made in America. Bought in America.
f ! $ marginal_agora - A gathering place for people who feel marginalized.
$ product_report - The good, bad & dangerous of new products.
x ! soak_the_rich - Soak the rich in apple cider vinegar & chives.
p t_r_e_n_d_s - Trends and prophesies in today's society.
$ p your_trade_fair - Fair trade: Global justice, personal growth.

- other communities at communities101
- and EVERYONE is URGED to join crisis_911
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