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- i just now logged in for a quicky and i noticed that i suddenly get a lot of readers looking for something of worth - or whatever - and so i decided to do a post...

- my last post was very boring, but even IT picked up hits. it is another essey in my "Mad Pamphlet Series", which no one comments on - and that's fine - but which have amazing longevity - i mean they keep getting hits for days and weeks afterwards, esp. when they go to PUBLIC view status. i'm eventually getting these posts organised - and i might move them to a new journal, so i may please you with my regular dim-witted, merely semi-boring style. and/or i'll move some to a new filter system which i have yet to get around to.

- my main project has been in creating a lot of communities. i've only created about 2/3rds of the number i want to create, and i only LIST about half of those. but i sent out several invitations SO BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR MESSAGES YO.

- i still have almost no email use, so i want to wait til i go to the library before i spend time commenting your past comments - doing it here is just way too tedious, (cuz of computer, not you ha ha!!)

- anyone suddenly getting a lot of Ukrainian and Russian lurkers and adders? i am. it's really weird. they don't even speak english, and they want me to add them. but my wild imagination wonders if somehow russian commie organisations suddenly found my radical "Pamphlet Series" and they are reading them in english, and maybe i've got a cult following over there and they're starting a revolution. well, i tell ya, it's happened before. (wha wha wha whaaaaaaaw). more likely it's a whole cult of hackers that know i'm an easy mark.

- this is what (migraine) "recovery" means to me: hypervigilent insomnia, a big diabetes-like CRASH, brain fatigue, brain ninkompoopness, and persistent heart pain. i made my dog some stand-by foodage - (btw, dog tips coming soon!) and spent a long time sending an online order so i could still pay the February sale prices. but not much else. when i finally woke my frontal brain (i have 7 brains, as you know), i went upstairs and shaved. then i looked around. my GOD. this mess must STILL be dealt with - nevermind the - what's the word???? - technicalities(no) of MOVING!

- i define "luxury" as a lot of blueberries and almonds in my oatmeal... ofcs!!!!!!!!! i keep gettig a security pop-up interfering with my typing againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

- i dunno. have tonnes of things to say. but i'm presently not using the "say" brain.

- oh tiger woods... what a fucking retarded issue. "welcome to the ALL-WOODS radio and TV network!" who fucking cares about this crap?!

- guy flies plane into IRS building. stupid of progressives, including stephany miller, to try to peg this on teabaggers. stupid of alex jones to try to almost insist it was a government false flag - a diversion, allowing everyone to blame his far-right libertarians. stupid of networks to say it's EITHER terrorism or a CRIMINAL act. am i living in a fucking retardation chamber? everyone - like congress - is out trying to get their audiences' attentions, and no one can see things for what they are. nice guy. very creative. in bad economy. has more IRS problems. stupidly spends time listening to talk radio instead of selling plane. believes government is letting big corporations off the hook, and throwing bean bags at the little guy. happens to be correct - not right, not left, not middle. helpless, angry HUMAN being doesn't like being squeezed out without making a statement. takes revenge. his criminal act can be called terrorism, if you want to group it with a lot of other such random acts - but that only ignores the need to FIX THE ECONOMY. thank god for tiger woods, though.

you can read more about how this national RANDOM RAGE is being created by TRYING to read my last boring post - Jack & the Beans, but i wouldn't advise it - ha ha! i need to add some more clarifying conclusions to it later anyway.

i have no idea if a LJ cut is needed yet, because the LJ "update" window - wherein i am typing - is about the size of a postage stamp.

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