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Should We Support the Democratic Party? - Posted by Sally Soriano

Norm NAILED IT with this question.
Norm said it seems as if both the Democrats and Republicans are feasting at a big cocktail party for themselves on our dime.

I would add--that both they are both at the party to divide up the billions they are fleecing from the U.S. taxpayers.

This two party monopoly charade by the U.S. elite has been traveling full-steam ahead (not since '99 as Norm said) but since '92 when Clinton put a "war-room" in the White House to pass NAFTA (NAFTA defines corporations as having more rights than U.S. citizens).

Then Clinton didn't miss a beat, even though he lost the Democratic Congress in '94, because he knew he could continue the fleecing. He and Gore pushed with GATT/WTO through in '95 (WTO also gives more rights to corporations than U.S. citizens); the Telecommunications Act in '96 (now average people cannot afford to buy local radio stations); in he '97 demolished welfare (ending the safety net for poor) and in '99 did away with the Glass-Steagall Act (deregulating the banks).

Norm, yes, your being played every time.
Both the Republicans and Democrats are owned by the 1% elites of this country and are on a roll fleecing the U.S. taxpayers.

And now Obama is moving toward mandating U.S. citizens purchase deficient health care insurance while the CEO of CIGNA is getting a 70 million dollar retirement package???
Another multi-billion dollar give-away to the for-profit health insurance industry (when every other industrialized country has controlled for-profit health care in the interest of their people).

Time to March on Washington and take OUR country back before we wake-up to its complete third-worldization.

Elect Independents into every Congressional District seat and Independents into every Senate seat now--2010!

Posted by Sally Soriano

go to: NORMAN takes no prisoners GOLDMAN:
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