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potatoes seem to like me: "don't stop! make it pop! DJ blow'n the speakers up! tonight!"

(It takes me 5-10 minutes just to do one comment - so: Since so many of you made such GREAT posts & comments lately, I am going to wait until I can spend a lot of time doing nothing but commenting, so please be patient with me and I also prefer cremation).

Baked potatoes are so FUN to eat! I'm having a baked potato party! I'm the only one here... But that sometimes works out nicely. I'm using ketchup. As most all of you know by heart, I make some kind of shrimp sauce and add it to my ketchup, making everything it touches pure ADDICTION. The secret is lemon, beet juice, apple cider vinegar, onion powder, stevia, salt, pepper, and UFOs.

The problem with baked potatoes is that they never cool down - especially when they're still in the tin foil, or when they're in the oven, with the heat turned on. Last year, they found a baked potato in Egypt that was 3,000 years old and it was still 145 degrees. And the other problem is what to do with the tin foil. Unlike most people, I don't go the TP route, I usually wrap it around my head and dare my neighbours to beat me at an impromptu game of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"

My dog and I are recovering from the whole earthquake thing - our circadian riddems were all messed up when the Aliens descended and watched World News Now all night. Dog was vomitting today and yesterday, but that is related to tomatoes and pickles I let him nibble. Also to all his excitement yesterday, when, instead of coming in from outside, he scampered like a bullet all over the place, and wrapped my feet up in dog rope. He's been acting slightly down today, slightly on edge, and slightly in need of pampering. After the scare last night. And he's become a little too sensitive to me being fun all the time, trying to chase him with a large XMas wrapping tube all over the place, making the neighbours want to call the cops on me - I dunno why - because I never got them presents?

Doggie just wanted to relax today. As I wrapped up baked potatoes to throw at the neighbours. omg! Ketchup EVERYWHERE!
Tags: i think my dog is gay.

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