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One more library post.


Uh - saw some cute lady-girl around the apts near my house. She was with a typically overweight dude. I drove a half a mile and relised she looked a lot like Channel 23's Rebecca. So way cool if she's moving into my neighborhood - but doubtful. Probably wasn't even her.

Went to ABC and just got a lot of work done. There were three cute college girl customer's there, but nothing nefarious transpired, I promise. Sat by the window in the sun - and hey - do I really need to get any hotter than I already is?

Yesterday, bought Flock of Seagulls Greatest Hits CD, and a Charlatans UK CD.

So I really don't have a plan for this post, and now it's all over.

Music fades.

Sound of lice and lirary termites comes to the fore.

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