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I just have too much too post. I can't hold it all in. I need to get the filters poll going soon. I'm going shopping, etc., today. But that means I have about 12 dif things to do with 12 dif things to keep in mind for each one - and this is not easy for me since the only thing I was ever good at was getting laid.

*"Animal" post begins*...

Remember my post(s) about INSTINCT being a ridiculous concept? "Instinct" is basically our way of looking at something and calling it an object - looking at a wave and calling it a particle - looking at motion and defining it's static location on a map - calling something determined, and UN-WILLED, when in fact, there is always WILL involved, as much as there is FATE. JUST LIKE US, although we look at OURSELVES as almost completely LACKING instinct, being overwhelmingly "WILLED". Even though we pick up LANGUAGE, a main dynamic of our evolution, virtually instinctively, and so forth.

"O" is the reflective EYE. On one side, on our side, we knoooooooooow everything, and everything dances around in our free consciousness. On the other side, the outside, we oooooooooooooown everything, putting labels and tags on all we see, giving things our own personal definitions - by which we CONTROL those things. "Instinct" is one of those dog-collars. Not that determinism DOESN'T exist, just that we decide where we want to see it.

Similarly, the main interpretation of the whole Theory of Evolution, which excludes the whole concept of WILL influencing survival - of animals WANTING to survive somehow, and thus surviving - is basically entrusted to statistical randomness. Again, not to say that fate, via random natural selection, does not exist. We just want to see it in PRIMITIVE ANIMALS, whereas we reserve GOD, and SALVATION THROUGH RIGHT WORKS OR RIGHT THOUGHTS, etc., for our own human domain. As a result of so OVER-DETERMINISING evolution, there has been this constant irrational backlash on all fronts, where we couldn't POSSIBLY have evolved from monkeys; or the world was ACTUALLY created in six days; or ALIENS CAME DOWN AND IMPLANTED NEW GENES INTO APES to create modern humans; or OUR OWN GREED IS SO DIVINE THAT IT CULMINATES IN A MAGICAL, INVISIBLE HAND WHICH WILL ULTIMATELY MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY; or WE MUST HAVE THE DIVINE RIGHT TO EXPLOIT INANIMATE NATURE, and it never, NEVER ends. If you are poor or handicapped, it's because YOU DIDN'T TRY HARD ENOUGH! YOU DIDN'T WANT TO EVOLVE TOWARDS HEAVEN AS MUCH AS WE DID! And animals are animals because it's OK for them to be stuck with random determinism, cuz they lack will, they lack spirit, they lack consciousness and soul - therefore, we control them. In fact, by enslaving them, we practically self-fulfill the prophesy of their non-spirituality.

Have you ever compared the nose of a human with the nose of an ape? A fundamentalist will scream that it's so different BECAUSE WE ARE NOT ANIMALS. And it didn't get so different ONLY because of changes in humidity, breathing, lifestyle, and so forth. One reason it got there was because it looks cool. We like the way it looks. Sure, it can be improved upon. But for the most part, females thought a certain kind of male nose was sexy, and vice versa. Females in Iberia happened to like giant honkers, females in Asia, smaller ones. And we all run around fighting each other cuz of these differences in noses, and skin colour, and so forth. But it was, greatly, sexual desire that put them there. Attraction. Imagination. Desire and hope. The willingness to jump up and fuck that sexy-nose guy! Oh yeah! To dream about it. To plan it. To even put a bag over the guy's head if his nose just doesn't quite come up to snuff!

And the choice of a particular nose, based on sexual preference, (etc.), can in turn influence genes that have no apparent connection to the nose, opening up the possibility of varied MUTATIONS which might or might not favour survival or evolution of other traits. It doesn't have to BE Lamarkism vs. Darwinism, black and white. There IS room for Lamarkian tendencies - as through stress/environmentally switched genes being passed down as baldness or disease. Look at the peacock, or all the wonderous animals in the diversity of the Amazon rainforest. Do you think they want to waste their time and energy and evolution on all those superfluous feathers and bright, colourful butts ONLY because they attract mates, and the mates who achieve copulation pass down their traits? - or ALSO because those animals think all that baggage is pretty damn hot and they not only WANT it, but they WANT more of it, and there going to do what they can to GET it and to MAKE it. Well, the same examples may be made in the competition for resources, social status, and so on.

I have encountered so many occasions of psychic abilities in animals, the phenomenon, I have decided, is irrefutable. And such specialty tools, such as a dog's heightened smell, are not EXPLANATIONS of what-was-thought-to-be-psychic, (although they may be somewhat and sometimes), they rather FEED IN to supporting psychic awareness. Or, at times of stress and need, they can block out psychic awareness. JUST LIKE IN US. The onus of WILL forever dances between the realms of SPIRIT and of MATTER. That is the same dance of information and energy that Maxwell's Demon makes for MEMORY. And it is the same dance that our society makes, according to Jeremy Rifkin, when it moves to higher orders of communication technology/networking and energy use/technolgy, for memory and EMPATHY. We call this our will, when it is also the wonder of our universe.

It is well known to dabblers in pop QUANTUM physics theory that you cannot measure the speed of a subatomic particle, and ALSO map it's LOCATION AT THE SAME TIME. Conversely, you cannot determine a particle's LOCATION and, at the same time, measure it's speed and direction. The very act of measuring - of OBSERVING - the so-called particle/wave, actually INTERFERES WITH THAT ENTITY, or phenomenon. And this is, according to me, because the entity is a phenomenon of both the fate and the WILL of our living and ambiguous universe.

When you observe something, you change it on a quantum level. Your mere existence involves endless experience, which is OBSERVATION - and this existence CHANGES the universe. It changes history. Just breathing, in chaos theory, invokes the Butterfly Effect. To perceive is to evolve.

And how PERCEIVE - how LIFE - without WILL?!

But has anyone ever posed the absurd, yet very real possibility, that subatomic particles are SHY?! They seek to be elusive because they don't want to be looked at? I wouldn't want to be looked at if I were a subatomic particle, since being looked at can CHANGE MY WHOLE FUCKING UNIVERSE.

Subatomic particles do not only hold consciousness of their own. SUBATOMIC PARTICLES ARE SELF-CONSCIOUS!

It ALWAYS works both ways, dudes. I have been writing how the smallest of insects holds intelligence comparable to our own. And so, of course, the same holds true of birds with their bird-brains, and dogs with they dog-heeads. Now, we are getting scientific proofs that tiny insects, octopi, even worms, and of course dolphins and such, ARE HIGHLY INTELLIGENT. Intelligent to do what they were built to do, and to experience the universe AS A LIFE, with hurt and sorrow and WILL. Intelligence is part and parcel of existence. Consciousness is everywhere. Evolution is the growing awareness of Kismet, Ahimsa, and - well - I forgot the Buddhist word for - DUTY.


...Part 3 (fun with dogs) later.
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