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"God put the good stuff where lazy people can't have any."

ginger - fights colds
dandelion - A, cleans liver
inner slippery elm bark - fights starvation
buckthorn bark - cures intestinal
black elderberry - C, fights flu
inner pine bark - vitamin C, foodsource
juniper berry - C, fights fatigue/ prostate
pumpkin seeds - prostate
grape seeds - fight yeast
lomatium.com - fights flu
black walnut - fights worms
cat-tail - foodsource
blackberry - C, fights diarrhea
kelp - A, provides iodine
peppermint - cures stomach upset

I watched "The Magic of Ordinary Days" last night. http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Magic_of_Ordinary_Days It was sweet. I loved it. I could say a few bad things about it though. Like it was a complete hybrid of "Wonderful Life" and "The Notebook," with the far-away soldier, the fixer-upper house, etc. It's like the author said, "What would it be like after George and Mary, or the Notebook couple, start their life fixing up the house?" A big yet insignificant difference is that the guy in "Ordinary Days" didn't have do do a THING to chase after the babe - he acquired her through some kind of ODD arrangement, apparently concocted to make the story work. The two Japanese women presented a great unpredictability in their characters. And even though Flora and Rose were great characters, I took one look at the taller one and said "She's not Japanese!" She was more Filipino, or southern China, so I settled on Chinese-Filipino, yet knew it was something different. Alas, the actress, Gwendoline Yeo, (who has been in a variety of interesting roles), was born in SINGAPORE! That was IT!

And the birthday lady with the kids was a great actress, too, but she looked like the head of my neighbourhood association. In fact, the young couple, Livy and Ray, reminded me of two people I had once briefly introduced to each other, both of whom have since done me wrong. uck

Plus the house was about 4 feet tall - OK, maybe 15. As I watched, I thought to myself, "This is prolly the only way I'll ever become married - except that I won't have the house, I'll have the cool, dilapidated dug-out back in the woods."

Eating blackberries. Cool.

The part I like best, of course, was when Livy trapped the German POW - quite contrived, yet fun. But right after that, nothing was really worked through and Livy and Ray were walking off together into the sunset - lala la - like they had to cut 45 minutes out of the movie.

Later that night, I happened to listen to a fellow describing the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - which was horrific, and made me want to move to Patagonia RIGHT NOW. "The Last Train From Hiroshima," http://www.charlespellegrino. com/ (Charles Pellegrino inspired Cameron's movie, "Titanic"). Suggested reading.

And it is also pathetic,(in the Greek sense), that I was reminded of Ashley after this Notebook-like movie, or maybe it was because Ashley was stuck in four-inch ice in Oklahoma, and was calling out for me. (Who knows - it felt psychic-ish). She HATED the cold. So she refused to move the Chicago, even though she loved Chicago.

Now, I shall make a diversion: I have long compared similarities of three cultures: Japanese, Jewish, and Scottish. Although extremely different, they have remarkable similarities. Being virtually INSULAR, they have strong conservative ethics, and art forms, like poetry and classical music. They tend to be clannish, industrious and mercantile. They have a maritime history. It occurred to me that Japan has experienced a Holocaust comparable to that of the Jews, which psychologically permeated the culture due to a high degree of social bonding. The Scots only had hundreds of years of being bled like a turnip by the English. Well, so did the Irish, and they ended up with a more frolicking personality, filled with music and dark humour, not unlike the Jews. Perhaps that's Catholic Ireland's Mediterranean's connection, while the Scots are more linked to Calvin and Norway - or maybe they were relatively more defeated by the English - or maybe their industrial revolution had more invested in England. Anyway, it appears to me that it's only been in recent decades that Japan and Scotland have developed a good sense of humour. Is that because Jewish humour came from AMERICAN Jews? If it weren't for that, maybe Jews would be MORE like Scots and Japanese. Jews and Scots tend to be more individualistic, though in different ways - that's a European thing.

So, anyway, I just wanted to get those observations out of the way...

I want to return to the victims of the Hiroshima Holocaust. (http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_bombings_of_Hiroshima_and_Nagasaki)... Where: dazed lines of charred victims followed each other dumbly and desperately over smoking rubble, instead of walking upon a nearby smooth sidewalk. Where: a few who were protected inside granite buildings, (instead of being rendered into shadows and dust INSTANTLY by the all-consuming LIGHT), boiled and cooked on their insides, and then rushed out into the streets, desperate to quench an infinite thirst with a black Nuclear Rain, which would soon kill them. Where: horses and people wandered about, absent of skin, or of body parts, looking down before death to see that half their bodies were now nothing but charcoal. And doctors, seeking their glasses, suddenly realised that the blast of radiation had somehow cured their bad eyesight. People who felt the infinite radiation flood though them said: they felt as if they were transported into another universe, only to awaken into an omnipotent hell. The universe is a mystery.

And so are we?

I have long been interested in the question of whether or not these two atomic bombs should have been dropped. It is VERY easy to take one side or the other, and ignore all other factors than moral. But it is very complicated. My position is that I am opposed, but I understand the opposite reasonings and the history.

Last night, Brian Noonan, (WGN Radio), introduced the question of: Should the MacDonald's worker, who gave a friend an extra slice of cheese on a burger, have been fired? "Of course not," we think. But there are ample and convincing business and moral arguments supporting the firing. What right does a worker have to STEAL, to literally threaten the company's profit, and to carry on as if he is management, essentially? Is that why he's there? For his ego? Or is he there to work appropriately for his pay?

What right do we have to hook up our friends with favours, at the expense of the corporation? How can we act like WE KNOW BETTER business than an actual BUSINESS? Without paying, paying taxes, keeping books, etc.?

But wait! Wealth. Corporations. Control. These all have other unfair advantages over many people, including labour. Labour Unions were once illegal. Child labour was once legal. Are we not our own judges of what is right and wrong - and what is permissible to TAKE from the Man?! Must we sit around FOREVER, hands-in-pockets, waiting for life to finally become FAIR?!

Should we have dropped the bomb?

Should he have been fired?

Should he have stolen?

Are we not scavenging primates?

Then, this morning, another talk show host, somewhat pro-right, was discussing the Baptist group who was being prosecuted because, frustrated by red tape, they ran off with a number of Haitian children, to offer up for adoption in the USA. The host defended them, saying that it's just the latest sensational news story the media wants to dwell on. That the dire situation in Haiti required desperate measures. And who better to trust when it comes to human trafficking than a bunch of Baptists?


But were they not, like the MacDonald's bandit, STEALING?! Using personal rationalisations to excuse immoral behaviour? Or was it just anti-bullshit behaviour?

What about the rationalisations we used to drop the bomb? Immoral? Or anti-bullshit? Who makes these decisions? When government is absent? When oversight is absent? When religion or ethics are absent? When OPPOSITION IS ABSENT?

It's Morality versus Ethics, once again. I basically know my own answers to these questions, and I think there are wider sociological or political issues involved. But I admit that there are opposing views and analyses, which is why I insist upon tolerance, and open mind, and progressively preserving DEMOCRACY so that, collectively, individuals may make the decisions on these issues.

Unlike what just happened in the Supreme Court. You look at that decision, and you say to yourself, "OK. If that's the way it's going to be, then fuck these murky questions of morality and ethics! The law of SURVIVAL tells me to GET RADICAL, and adopt situational guerrilla tactics!" Which basically comes down to an eye-for-an eye - or a Laisse faire society similar to those in Russia, Somalia, HAITI... http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laisse_faire

Now... You may comment on these questions. I'd like to hear comments. But I will close this post with a mention of another radio programme I heard TODAY: Bob Edwards, NPR, interviewing Jeramy Rifkin, author of "Empathic Civilization" - more required reading. http://www.empathiccivilization.com/

If you wish to get close to some of my own philosophy or outlook, then check Rifkin out. http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Rifkin In this latest book, he argues, as I have ALWAYS known, that we are an EMPATHICALLY-MOTIVATED SPECIES - not eye-for-eye, nor original sinners. Every time we need to move to a new ENERGY paradigm, such as coal or oil, (and now ALTERNATIVE), our civilisation introduces a new form of communication, such as WRITING, PRINT, TELEGRAPH, (and now INTERNET). This new communication technology allows us to empathize, as is our wont, with wider and wider groups of people, such as TRIBE, CHURCH, NATION-STATE, (and now GLOBAL).

When we hit one of these transitions, where ENERGY and COMMUNICATION systems are seeking to transform, there is a lot of turbulence - and a lot of denial - by the likes of the Senate/Palin/Tea-Baggers, and such. There are old systems which refuse to die - refuse to yield to new forms of EMPATHY. And thus the MacDonald's bean-counting corporate model doesn't quite get it yet - it is employing a new type of person these days. As from the new LITERATE FEMALE of primative yore, it must now deal with encirclement by global gossip and associations and commitments and ETHICS. New privileges for change being sought, so pathologically, to be co-opted by the religious right and the powers that be, for the time being. So, there. You think about these things now. This is all for you to think about. Posto, ergo sum.

BOB EDWARDS INTERVIEW: http://www.bobedwards.info/forum10.html&sid=e13b7a0408f988f5ca74b28b414012d8

(What most interests ME, personally, about this whole ENERGY/INFORMATION tussle, is the connection it has, in MY mind, to Maxwell's Demon, Chaos theory, and MEMORY. This is an area of thought that completely fascinates me).

All this came after a dream, this morning, where I was harbouring about a dozen Haitian kids at my home, eating bread together, etc.

OK - this was not just a post about taking what you can find - it is about NATURE. (I'll start a community or two dealing with questions like these: watch for them).

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Movies that look good:
Book of Eli
Valentine's Day
The Lightning Thief
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