I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Midnight Snack - (that's what i like)

I woke up craving food. Oatmeal is about all I have. I just like the feeling of waiting until next month before I buy groceries. Because then I will have even MORE money.

"HEARTBREAK ON VINYL" - (dance version) - BLAKE LEWIS...

I have been emotionally ADDICTED to this song for the last few weeks!

*(Mix-wise, it belongs between "Animal" (Miike Snow) and "Bizarre Love Triangle" (New Order), with a little bit of "I am Human and I Need to Be Loved" (morrissey/smiths) nearby. I'd love to do a dancy 80's-meet-2000's mix, w/ Postal Service, Phoenix, Petshop Boys, Erasure, etc....))

I guarantee "HEARTBREAK ON VINYL"/CD will be a pop hit within a month.

I happen to be listening to a talk show featuring a prophet. I'm not CRAZY about prophesy, but it often comes easy to me. A most recent prediction was that Lady Gaga would be famous. I predicted Hillary would lose to Barack. The current "recession". And so forth. But there are often easy things to look for... For example, all that Hillary had to say was something like, "I'm the guaranteed nominee of the Party," for me to know that her popularity, and then chances, would plummet. Barack did the same thing when he gave himself a B+. Bad move.

So, now President Obama has made his speech, and thus layed out the obvious future to me, once again. He basically gave the same speech he gave last year, or the same speech Bush gave in 2005. (With no recognition of MASSACHUSSETTS and other FAILS). The Congress has been completely "INUTILE" - stuck in the past. We go to the movies to watch re-runs of dusty old COMIC STRIPS. There has been no firing of the banksters, no significant WALL STREET reform, no HEALTH CARE sense, but a lot of talk, and confusion, and posturing. Plus so many other solid economic facts... TRUST ME ON THIS PREDICTION, DUDES:

Part TWO of the depression is yet to hit.

Buy fucking gold.

Anyway, on with the point of this post...

Watching Seinfeld, I realised that I want to date George's girlfriends, (except for Susan). I think Marissa Tomez is really hot, and so is the blonde girl in the "George-turns-Bad-Boy" episode, (where Elaine does the spaz-dance). (I also think that Jerry's DOPPLEGANGER DATE, Genine Gerofallo (sp?) is hottish, and coolish, but shortish). After this, I switched to Jimmy Kimmel and he had some hot chick who looked like dsensitized, (who never posts anymore). These are three examples of females I find really hot, but they don't resemble each other at all. I think Shakira and Eva Longoria are hot, and so was the POLICE photo of Lindsay Lohan. Lady Gaga isn't really hot. Neither was Madonna. As far as the perfect voice: I love the Dallas-Nashville accent on a babe. They say Irish is the sexiest accent. No. The sexiest accent is HEATHER MILLS-about, when she's not sounding DUMB. And, another voice that makes me melt is this girl on shortwave late at night. She has this really sexy voice, talking about guns and abortions and god, while her old boyfriend runs around shouting like a stupid hillbilly. The show's site is something like "americanvoice(es?).com".

OK - what I like - that's a wrap. I should go back to sleep...

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