where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die


i've given up all hope that this computer set-up will last much longer. it's only a matter of hours or days before it's completely destroyed. so - i'll need to buy some new set-up - but i'll be back on line before easter.

please add my crisis community "crisis_911".

the night of the earthquake, i was out on the porch w/ my dog, and i had a VERY bad feeling that something really bad was happening or going to happen. could have been psychic. some other psychic thing happened - a dream or something - i forget. but i'm starting to think that times when i'm NOT "psychic" is the abNORM for me. which is good because every other part of my life is completely stupid.

anyway - it was almost a relief that the news on HEALTH CARE REFORM switched to something REAL like the earthquake cuz i was getting so ashamed at how americans waste all their time being completely self-centered - and you try to come up with ideas and solutions and all that happens is that it gets put through a grinder and made into GERBERS.

i gotta go for now. take care please ta ta for now la lala.
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