I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Tripods, Underpants, and Kooties

dunno how this will post / i'll get along to reading many of your new years resolutions posts soon enough / presently have a handicapped computer - won't go into details / want to post more - must move on - perchance to shop

i have some related links for you for the time being - haven't read the editorial tho...





oh - here - a letter to THOM HATMANN... (Tripods, Underpants, and Kooties)...

"On Dec 31, 2009, at 2:29 PM, Sean Penn wrote:

Dear Thom -

Love your "Science Thursday" - wish it was everyday.

1 - The one problem with the DIRT=Immunity concept is modern chemical toxins. They can do more harm than germs. I once walked through a quaint little creek which turned my feet lobster red and made me tortuously ill for the rest of my life.

2 - However, when I was a boy, back when the primary mode of motivation was via tripods, one of my favourite authors was HG Wells. He wrote some cutting social commentaries described as FICTION, such as, "The Time Machine".

I submit that the great, towering and ominous TRIPODS in THE WAR OF THE WORLDS actually represented, or at least presaged, modern corporations, with anthropomorphic powers. Great, looming super-humans consuming our blood, and ultimately destroying their own (alienated) environment. Ultimately, they were brought down by tiny microbes, WHICH GAVE US IMMUNITY(!), which may be liked to little tiny VOTES ha ha...

3 - Finally, I have heard that the FBI already had a complete profile on the Underwear Bomber, distributed as posters across the country. He appeared to look a lot like the Unibomber - shifty, dark glasses, cold and distant... Except he was wearing a pair of underpants over his head...

Take care / good job! ... MadMan101

HIS RESPONSE: "google "hygiene hypothesis" for more... Thom"

He didn't really read it, he just got defensive - ha - oh well - these ideas shall not be quashed!!

(PS NOTE - Don't forget WGN AM 720 (google) fri/sat latenight - so funneh!)

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