I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Upon Staying Up All NIght - (All LJ All of the Time!)

The HOT people all listen to THIS!.....  (Can you figure out what THIS is?  What a FUN game YoWz)! 

And HERE's MORE gamey fun!....  Click each of your profiles listed INTERESTS, and see what those people have in common.  (Add them ALL and become HOT instantly!!)!  For example, a disproportionate number of people who like amelie also seem to like anime, the cure, saving lives and fart jokes

Oh - and here's another thing I created, another what-I-refer-to-as, a "LIVEJOURNAL  DITHER"!...  Are you an extrovert or a introvert at heart?  Here's how to tell.  Count ALL THE PEOPLE (and animals and cartoon characters) in ALL of your LJ icons.  (The TOTAL number.  But: Entities in icon windows, doubled entities, and breastworts do not count twice).  Then divide this number by the total number of icons.  This number is your LJ SOCIABILITY INDEX.  (Since this has never been done before, I don't know what that number is supposed to be).

And don't forget the meme I wish to propagate infinitely: ur a genius

That LJ pop-up always inviting me to log whometh visits my LJ always irritated me, until I accidentally said "OK!" one day, and checked it.  I'm so glad I did that.  Cuz the whole LJ "STATS" thing is amazing fun!  I only found the actual stats recently - it's under "site map" and then at the bottom of "journal" - I suggest you try it! 

It taught me that two of my most popular LJ posts recently were The Ascent of Woman and 2012 Countdown, despite the fact that these receive NO comments.  It's encouraging that people actually read my journal.  Unfortunately, I think the CIA read the second post I just mentioned, (which was all about our beloved COVERT GOVERNMENT), because it's BIG readership came from BEYOND  LJ; and, oddly, six people signed up to read my RSS feed - which has never happened before.  (Although it would be nice to think that someone is actually subscribing to my LJ because my blogs concerning global warming are INTERESTING.  ha ha ha not).  I also checked out one LJ user who read it, and he's an ultra right-wing scientist who posts a lot about "Climate-Gate", which is idiocy.  I think the computer fascists are following me.  SO... be sure to read my upcoming entry completing the topic: "Morality and Spyware"!

If there is any more fun i might introduce you to, please let me know hubba hubba.  (PS - I might have solved the Hacker problem for the time being - still need to check things to be sure).  Have a happy new year!  And remember: "Ring out the old, ring in the underpants!"

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