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I am the person who will destroy China.


(12/30 insert) - I received in the mail a hardcover book of poems written by a relative in Dublin.  That's encouraging.  Although i do need a pair of indoor-outdoor slippers.  Preferably with an 8" heel.  Also, illness has been preventing me from carrying through w/ plans this weeks.  But i did manage to walk dog.  And, I've been debugging some infected files but this may or may not mean i shall be online again - beyond ambush-posting.  Apparently my IE remains infected and that's impossible to solve.

(monday) - I am making beer.  It's a good way to dispose of sugar.  All you need to do is throw some sugary packs of instant oatmeal into water and throw in a brewer's yeast pill which you can get at any pet or health store.  And you can add a near-beer to the mix, fruit juice, more sugar, etc.  I am using "Malta India", a sugary drink that has hops and malt.  Set the mix out for a night, then alternate it in and out of fridge so it's cool but not ice-cold.  You will soon be rewarded by gallons of toxic vinegar which will permanently damage your brain.  No, really, I've been making grape wine this way forever, and it's fine.  (Just a tip: Beware of preservatives, and also: Too much sugar all at once can stop the fermentation).

I don't plan on drinking much anymore, though.  There have been big probs in my left hemisphere, etc., and the left side of my face looks twice as old as the right.  I need to do something more than desperately trying to sleep myself back to health cuz it isn't working.  Quitting smoking hasn't helped much at all.

You know, I listen to people talking about "love thy neighbour" and "do unto others" and all that good stuff I once crusaded about.  And then there are alternate moralities like "greed is good" and "trust in the invisible hand" or "an eye for an eye" and so on.  But, the whole mountain of all these rules, good and bad, helpful and destructive, they are all like computer programmes that claim to stop SPYWARE cookies.  Like relatively innocuous cookies from Doubleclick or Quantserve.  Google Analytics and Coolwebsearch at the very worst.

But, in the big picture of EXISTENCE in the real world, Spyware is the least of our problems.  There are bigger things to worry about, like running out of money and becoming homeless.  Maybe Anti-Spyware morality might make you SLIGHTLY healthier or wiser, but it's not likely to help against emergencies of financial worms and trojan-downloaders, and devastating TROJANS!  For this stuff, you need ANTI-VIRUS morality, which isn't morality so much as ETHICS which most likely leans to the left.

And yet leftist ANTI-VIRUS ethics, solutions for financial failure and homelessness and bankruptcy and even HUNGER may be effective in those realms, but they might tend to be, eventually, TEMPORARY fixes.  Like communism in the temporal world, they may fail where bigger threats rush in.  Bigger threats in newer trojan horses, like war, famine, and ILLNESS.

Severe illness is cradled in the arms of impending death, just as your computer becomes helpless against powerful trojans, and Hackers and HIJACKERS.  There is no morality in stopping these grim reapers.  There is no ethics.  There is PAIN.  There is distended PATIENCE in the midst of relentless assault.  "Do unto others," introduced to this wrenching contest between immune cells, flickering mind or will, radiation, and PERSISTENT and INDEFATIGABLE RETROVIRI, CANCERS or DECAY, is an awful, awful, vacuous and arrogant insult to fellow life.  Believe me.  Such morality, like history to the victors, belongs to idiots who know not how to transcend.  They offer only theories of transcendence.  But, god bless them for trying, and knowing not.

(12/30 insert) - For a good sequil to this topic, stay tuned to this amazing journal.

Well, I have to disappear for a while, as my computer is beyond hope, and is completely unsafe to use for more than a few minutes.

I hope to go shop on tuesday and also get online at the library.  And then again do the same on friday.  But i don't make plans.  Then i have to either buy a new netbook and/or buy a new HD, floppy drive, and other stuff.  If you know where I can get an AWESOME netbook, (NO SERVER PLANS), for under $200, please let me know.

I also want to find a powerful AM/FM radio with stereo speakers that is ALSO both a HD radio AND a WiFi radio.  I don't think anyone's making such radios.

(tuesday 10:30pm) - i am so sick of hearing about the underpants bomber.  people wonder why the economy sucks.  it sucks because poeple have been turned into zombies because every time they turn on the TV it's some stupid commercial or AFGHANISTAN and an underpants bomber, and the radio is full of ever-repeating phone numbers and idiot right-wing morons.  that's why.  it sucks.  because of those reasons. and i predicted it all.

i don't want this dog anymore.  but if i get rid of him i will get robbed.  if i eat him i will gain his magical powers.  or maybe  could get a puppy for him to hang with,and get rid of him in a year.  i don't know.

i've been so sick.  i don't know if this downward slide will continue or not.  i ordered supplements on the phone tonight.  they were pretty cheap.  the TL was $165.  then i walked into the kitchen and found a new Swansons catalogue selling the same stuff for $4 a bottle - TWO FOR ONE.  that's what happens when your memory doesn't work.  i suppose i'll buy $100 of Swansons in a month, too.  It saves $$$ over time.  And I suppose i'll forgo all the wonderful radio and computer stuff i want.  What i want most is to be ABLE TO LEAVE HERE.

i'm sorry, i'm just not up to posting amazing stuff.  what the hell is wrong with david letterman tonight?

oh god save me - robyn williams.......  argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

weds 00:30 am - OK - here's some interestings:

Famous golfer, Barack Obama, has been spotted on Airforce One curling up with a book by Tom Friedman...

2 - ...mainly, the ECONOMIC ROYALISTS who own the Left wing of the Whitehouse. 
3 - Blackwater/CIA/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Armey/Skull-&-Crosshairs own the Right Wing. 
4 - (Stuck in the middle, with ears that scream, "SNIP SNIP!", is Mr.Obama, declaring, "I'm a freed man!").

Since 9/11/2001, there have been 90 MILLION airplane flights in the USA. 

1 - Since 9/11, there have been ONLY SIX airplane terrorism incidents.  Versus 90 MILLION.
2 - Four of these 6 happened on 9/11. 
3 - Only one of the 6 happened on Obama's watch.
4 - Everyone is now expected to be SCARED AS HELL.  I am a hamster.

On Christmas Eve, 2009, the USA made airstrikes on Yemen, trying to shake down some sheik or OMAM....  On Christmas Day, the Underpants bomber appears, from Yemen.  Either:

1 - This was a coincidence.
2 - The sheik survived and sent out this bomber IN AN INSTANT.
3 - USA intelligence had suspected SOME IMPENDING INCIDENT involving Yemen, and so bombed the sheik - but missed the whole underpants thing.
4 - Everything was coordinated by the CIA.  I am a hamster.

Some fellow in Detroit reported to NPR and local news that he had witnessed a slick Indian guy escorting Mr. Underpants to the plane, paying cash, using no passport.  Either:

1 - This was  Yemenese or Indian terrorism connection.
2 - This was a Blackwater or CIA connection.
3 - While the major news networks won't shut the hell up about underpants terrorism, they don't report this other terrorist.  I am a hamster.

Oddly, two or three days ago, I received my first HACKER attempt from Kazakhstan.  Huh?  WHo THERE could possibly be interested in my computer, nicknamed FEDERAL-***, (BECAUSE I STUPIDLY THOUGHT THIS NAME WOULD SCARE HACKERS AWAY)?

1 - (Former-USSR) Kazakhstan has been receiving US aid for a number of years.
2 - It's near China, Russia, Mongolia, Afghanistan, and is not far from the recently US-staged tussle in Georgia.
3 - That means CIA/Blackwater (xi) is there. 
4 - It has "become known" in the last two days that Iran is negotiating to buy 1350 tonnes of refined uranium from Kazakhstan.
5 - In the same breath as he condemned the Underpants Bomber, Obama condemned Iran for something else.
6 - I'll let you figure this out.
7 - My hacker was prolly just a random blip.  I am a hamster.

The USA will not use Nuclear weapons in a first strike.  UNLESS biological or chemical weapons are used against us first.  Move to Patagonia.  Move in wth the NAZIs there.  Eat goat cheese and dance.  Then, like a hamster, curl up with a good book, like, oh, Hoodwinked.

And now, it's fun4U!....  GOOGLE the following...  Let me know what you get.


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