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I'll still own the film rights and be working on the sequel...

I went looking for some guy with a pink mohawk at Borders. Just missed them. Anyway, this is the first time I've been to Borders since summer, when things got weird. Well, no one was mad at me. The woman with the big red hair smiled at me, and I met Danielle at the counter. She was the one who liked me. A bit more mature than whats-her-name. Maybe I'll go back every once in a while. I had hoped I could do my writing there - but no place is safe.

I always liked Borders the most as far as cafes go, compared to:

Meg's 1 2 3


SB 1 2

Mary's at Edgebrook

Even ABC, and Mary's at CV

I heard about this place called "Chubby Ray's" or something - I was looking forward to checking it out, but I found it's in Poplar Grove.

I once walked from the Clocktower to Belvidere to Poplar Grove.

Rockford should have ONE COOL PLACE where all the way-out people go. Perkins is too normal.

And NOT Minglewood...

"Minglewood can suck my invisible balls."

I guess some kind of "Divine Cup" is being created by another church.

Is this really what we want?


Anyway - it'll all be in my book...



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