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Even as I make my posts, my computer is being hacked.  Code on my PeerGuardian lists is being written to allow programmes to "update" via a different IP address.  It just never ends.  NEVER.

So, you can see, I am now a warped, frustrated old man.  I use hedge trimmers on my nose hair and refer to my penis as "Wifey."  But that doesn't mean I'm wrong when I say that the Senate version of the Insurance Care Bill is Fascism.

Some people use shock-value in the amusing crap that they spew in order to daze people into ignoring: that nothing they say is original or useful.  It's all been pilfered and whored out and targeted at ruining other people for personal gain.  Verily, the Koch-bought Tea-Baggers and Bible-thumpers, no different to some leftist radicals, shout and they shout and they shout, about invisible straw men, occluding the reality that they have ABSOLUTELY ZERO SUBSTANCE.  All their fumes spew forth from fear and deranged insecurity.  They parade in costumes of AS-IF RIGHTEOUSNESS.  And, hopped up at the end of the day, they have illicit sex with animals or whatever ha ha.

Progressives, who play the First Inning, and then take their Softball and go home, are tossed about like seals on the noses of rambunctious Killer Whales.  (Killer Whales owned and domesticated in the giant Aquaria of Oil Companies, Banks and Insurance Companies, praise the Lord).  They make a big stink about Obama throwing them under the bus because of the crappy Health Care deals, and then they vanish in a cloud of defamatory post-it notes, well-placed by Right Wing Talkers.

There is no way around the truth, there is no replacement for personal responsibility - and these points are what Progressives spend their time arguing around.  Meanwhile, the truth is bought away by Corporate money, unequal Time, repetitive lies, and LOTS OF FUNNY SHOUTING.  The whole joke is that Progressives, clinging to truth, (which is called "Socialism" by the Right), are incompetent, control-wishing fools.  And, meanwhile, Republican Cults of Personality, and an ENDLESS SUPPLY OF MONEY, POWER AND VESTED INTEREST, make right-wing politicians say whatever the hell they are told to say, truth be damned, draped in God and the Flag, just to get away with the prizeWinning = Morality.  Moral victories are OK, too, if they bring $$$, or reelection in your district of idiots.

So.  I listen to the many Progressives saying they don't care anymore.  The Senate Bill is not what they want.  BUT.  It's a start.  Maybe it will work.  Like the 1960's.  Blah blah blah.  mealie mealie mealie ...

And I listen to the other Progressives still holding out and screaming bloody murder about the betrayal.  The point is: The game isn't over yet.  The Bill hasn't reached Conference Committee yet.  That's important.

The Senate bill fits the literal and political definition of Fascism.  Not only is it a give-away to the Insurance Companies, it UNCONSTITUTIONALLY REQUIRES people to buy health care from corporations, which shall only PROFIT from it.  It also requires people to keep their GAUGED insurance plans via large corporate employers.  It offers no Public Option to introduce competition; it does not end MONOPOLY & COLUSION by applying the anti-trust laws which apply to ALL OTHER CORPORATIONS, (or so it is said).  It does not even offer Medicare-at-55, a trigger, or other such lame proposals.  It's complete crap.  ( - Other than the 10,000-clinic / 20,000-worker amendment by Bernie Sanders).  Requiring 40 billion people to buy health insurance, pre-existing conditions or NOT, means a $$$ MOTHER-LOAD for the Insurance Companies, who can also raise prices.

However, the Senate Bill CAN be changed in Conference Committee - when it not only can be compromised with the House Bill - IT CAN END UP BEING ANYTHING THE COMMITTEE DECIDES IT WANTS IT TO BE, SO LONG AS THEY FEEL IT WILL PASS THE NEXT VOTE IN THE SENATE.  And do you know what?  On the next vote in the Senate, a 60-vote Filibuster can be bypassed, (and a 51-vote Reconciliation re-vamp IS NOT NECESSARY), because: ALL THAT IS REALLY REQUIRED IS 51 VOTES !!!  That means it is very possible that the final bill WILL CONTAIN A PUBLIC OPTION !  That's my own take - you haven't heard that anywhere else, partly because Obama has a Mum order out on it, I assume.

I'm not wishing for a pie in the sky - I'm saying that the possibility for a productive outcome still exists.  And I'm not shutting up about the betrayal of the Senate Bill.  Because even though IT'S POSSIBLE that Obama (& Co.) is planning to pull a rabbit out of his hat, I DO believe that Obama has been catering NOT to the Progressives who mainly elected him, but to the store-bought, right-wing BLUE DOG DEMOCRATS.  I think this strategy will continue through Obama's entire first term.  Partly because he is intent on proving that, although he is BLACK, he is not a radical THREAT.  That's how he plans to get reelected, on the advice of Bill Clinton.  But THIS IS VERY MUCH NOT THE 1990's!  And this isn't 1964 anymore.

The time for Progressive radicalism, vs. Obama, is in 2011.  Obama's whole MODUS OPERANDI is based on wooing the moderates and right-wing of the Democratic Party, believing that the votes and opinions of the BLUE DOGS represent the people in the DISTRICTS of those blue dogs.  BUT THEY DON'T!  They represent LOBBIESTS WHO BOUGHT THE BLUE DOGS.  74% of Americans WANTED a Public Option.  All that needs to be done is this: TAKE POLLS OF THE PEOPLE IN THOSE DISTRICTS - AND INCREASE MEDIA TIME! - and convince Obama to change.  Because those Blue Dogs are going DOWN soon, and so will Obama, because MOST of the Progressive will have taken their Softballs home and will be playing Wii.

OH - The Liberals have been divided and conquered ONCE AGAIN!  Fancy that. 
OOOooooooooooooooh GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD for YOoooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha hee hee

If Obama signs a "Health Care" Bill with no Public Auction, Obama will have no second term.  Mark my words.  And even if it includes such, he will still be PLAYING TO THE BLUEDOGS.  He'll lose - unless hes going to be Jimmy Carter WITH AN OCTOBER SURPRISE.

NOTE: Merry Christmas: Surf my JNL for lots of links.  Because I love your ass, Bitch.
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