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I don't understand why Bernie Sanders stood down - that was so unlike him.  Did he learn something we don't know yet?  I hope so.

The Progressives are outraged at the dismissing of the PUBLIC  OPTION and all other compromises.  Rightfully so.  Emmanuel/Obama has had no spine when it came to defending their base - but they quickly managed to strong-arm 30 Democrats to defeat an amendment, (which Obama formerly supported), which would have reduced the costs of pharmaceuticals.

There is a lot of movement going on in the "grassroots" - and I was hoping this cross-spectrum activity would explode into a new progressive MOVEMENT movement.  But first the TEA-BAGGERS popped up, and now McCain is maneuvering - I think the potential progressive movement MAY BE CO-OPTED BY THE FAR RIGHT.  That would be the only practical way the Republicans could salvage their party.

Howard Dean stepped up and advocated KILLING the BILL.  The INSURANCE-CARE bill.  (If it weren't for Howard Dean, and his 50-state strategy, there would be no DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY, AND NO BARACK OBAMA!).  Well, I thought, HERE COMES THE NEXT PROGRESSIVE TEDDY ROOSEVELT?!  WITH RUSS FEINGOLD AS VP?! 

Howard Dean: Scrap the Senate Health Bill   (You might have to join  liberal_talk to be able to read this).

-  But, I didn't hear the obsessive fingers of Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey immediately texting and phoning all their contacts and minions.  I didn't hear McCain advocating breaking up the big banks and pseudo-banks; joining up with a Democrat in this regard, and SUPPORTING DEAN IN TRYING TO KILL THE INSURANCE CARE BILL!  This is McCain suddenly moving back to his former populist/radical persona!  And, I tell ya, I trust anything that comes out of his mouth as much as I trust anything that comes out of Lieberman's or Palin's mouth.  But, for the record, here is more of what McCain is up to - coopting:

McCain Begging Money From Goldman Sachs Employees
Obama vs McCain or Goldman Sachs vs The Rothschilds
Senator John McCain: Just say No to 'Goldman Greed & Co.'
Two bills in Congress to restore Glass-Steagall

What motivates the majority of politicians is the money, power and future prospects offered not only by the lobbiests for INSURANCE, BANKS, OIL, etc., (which is why Dodd, Lieberman, McCain are such central players, playing the game out AS IF WE ARE IN CHARGE), but the POWERFUL FAMILIES AND AGENCIES THAT RULE OVER BOTH PARTIES.

I don't know how the (McCain) Republicans can co-opt the progressives when they deny global warming and support a war economy and despise gays.  McCain was once somewhat green, then he trurned oil-black.  Palin, whom he's ditched, once complained about the damage to Alaska caused by Global Warming, now she denies Global Warming.  (Therefore: I see a possibility of grassroots violence in years to come).

Lieberman once argued in favour of all the HEALTH CARE proposals he is now opposing - willing to PHILIBUSTER THEM ALONGSIDE THE REPUBLICANS.  Even though 60% of people in CT WANT a public option, to say the least. Well, once thing Liberals in charge know, but all other Liberals disregard, is that Lieberman, the Antichrist, is from the same state as THE  BUSH  FAMILY; from the same state where INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE KING; was a BIG WHIG in SKULL  &  CROSSBONES YALE; is integral to moneyed Zionist interests, and is married to a far-right religionist who regularly receives income from the Pharmaceutical and Insurance industries. 

He is a well-connected slimeball.  OF COURSE HE'S GOING TO ACT AND LOOK LIKE A BASTARD AND YET GET AWAY WITH IT. Which is to say, he, like Rahm Emmanuel, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney, is playing in a whole different ball-field that has nothing to do with our own interests.

Even though I supported Obama, (and I presently understand much of his thought-out political and constitutional game), I was telling people he had a better chance of becoming the next Jimmy Carter than the next Franklin Roosevelt.  His chance of becoming a great change agent all depends upon if he can make it to a second term. I wanted to post my Health Care letter to Obama but I still can't access it.  I was very ill yesterday - and I'm pretty sure I can't do much today either.  Ta ta for now.

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