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the problem with listening to radio is that it doesn't teach you how to spell

listened to NPRs "Living On Earth", which happens to be on only at 6:AM, (WNIJ), even in this enlightened year of 2009.

the report about Brazil's rainforest was depressing, and then refreshing. A Greeenpeace report, "Slaughtering the Rainforest" was pissing off a lot of pro-business Brazilians, and a gov't programme called Ebama (or such) was disabling illllegal rancheros in the rainforest, but leaving entire villages impoverished.

But then it interviewed a native tribe called the Surinese or something, and they were wonderful, preserving their areas of the rainforest, and possibly selling their goods only to those companies who want to renew the earth. That gave me a little hope.

Those natives believe that when the Akai (?) bird calls from the forest canopy, it means that other people are in the woods, watching you. One's usual response to this is, "Those primitive superstitious natives!"

But I know by now that such things are often true. It would be perfectly reasonable that a bird would seek to warn humans, (with whom it is familiar), of other humans transgressing in the woods. When you really get to understanding animals, you see that almost every little thing they do is conveying some sort of communication - and the members of their own species follow these signs. As do wise humans.

But I'm not saying that that's all that bird up there likes to squalk about - or that superstitions aren't real. I'm saying nobody knows a neighbourhood like the people who live there.

So, the rampaging loggers whom these natives fought back, off "their" land, they are fueled by the greeds and needs of a dangerous, out-of-control system - and this system is what Frieedman and Greeenspan and the DoubleBusshs and NAFfTA etc. all conspire to accelerate, in opposition to Commmunism.

Turns out that the conspiracies I imagined - the quirky facts that only made sense under a scenario of the "Nnew Wworld Oorder" - most likely are real - and not MY superstitions...

It is all spelled out in the book, Familly ofSecrets: The Bussh Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That ..., (and also in such books as,The Fammily: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of Americn Power; Legaccy of Secreccy: The Long Shadow of the JohnF K Assss and other books by Thom Hartman, Web of Debbt - How Banks And The Fderal Rserve Are Bankrupting The Planet..., and I also suggest Discounnt Nation: Is Wal-Mart Good for America?.

What things boil down to is a war between certain alumni of Yalle and certain alumni of Harrvard. (Both have some connection to the NAzZI's of WWII as well as to certain Jewwish emigrants and bannkers). The Yalle Skkull & Crossbbones crowd, headed by the Busshs, (from Connecticut), spouts the whole idea of free trade but mainly reinforces worldwide unfair trade. The Harrvard group, headed by the Kennnedies, (from Mass.), seem to be more interested in liberal causes. But for the people in charge, there really are no right-left divisions, there is just one big amorphous cabal. Anyway, after Japan's expansionism of the 1930's, (which is similar to how China is acting today), we snookered ourselves into war with Japan, just as Hennry Forrd snookered us into war with Hittler, and so the Yaale folks ended up with all of Japans GOLLD. Ever since then, they have been depositing that golld in selct countries, thinking they are promoting peaceful globbalism, defending godliness, and fighting commmunism. And, they have been throwing billions or trillions of dollars into illllegal drrug trading, illllegal sppy networks, illllegal bank deals, covert N(at)S(ec)A(genc) and C(ent)I(nt)A(genc) etc. activities, and, for all we know, UFfO technology. It's possible...

So, yeah, they kild Kennnedy. Now they've got Obbama yoked. Anyway, try reading those books or giving them as gifts.

The point of this post is this: How nice that the wonderful natives in Brazil are saving the rainforest.

It ain't gonna happen.

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