I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

one of the posts written way back in the 21st century...

This is a little grab-bag post, important for you to read some stuff hereinsoeverwut... I might have to be off of LJ a lot because of the hacker(s) - meaning I have to do a lot of work trying to fix the computer, etc. Then there is all the time I have to spend on things I've been ignoring.

But I now have absolute proof that some 1E100.net/ChinaNet alien(s) is fucking with my computer: He left a little note for himself which revealed that he shut down my main firewall, (which I have suspected), and that an IP I have been going to was diverting me to HIM. I don't know if this note was a fake-out he deliberately left for me, so I'm still not trusting ANY other IPs or programmes. In addition to taking over programmes, he has rigged it so my IP-blocker truncates lists of IPs-to-block,so that he can easilly get through.

And look at this! Standard code in one of my files was changed to Korean or something!...DIDN'T PRINT - IT WAS ALL ASIAN CODE - (and it goes on and on).

Latest news is that MSN/Bing is courting NewsCorpse away from Google - and NewsCorpse hates how Google messes with it. Well, I despise Fox NewsCorpse - even though I was once a MySpace superstar in drag - but I do wish MSN the best because Google is Satan! From much experience and research, I can say this. If I were you, I would disconnect from anything that is remotely conected to Google. And, to be brief, here are the other things I-if-you would be extremely suspicious of:

Level3 Communications
any IP that begins with 8. or 64. or 67. or 74. or 121. or 218. or 174.
Beware of 8s! It could mean:
Asian-Pacific Nets
ad it would take forever to cover the comparatively mild cookie/spammers like quantserve or doubleclick.net

on the other hand, these tend to be safer:

Yahoo / yming
MSN / Bing
Akamai - except as ad clutter
IxQuick / StartPage - although I am on guard now

XeroBank browser - Madman via download.com
???NAME????Avira??Avanti??? browser (IE build) - Madmam via download.com
Samsung Roxio EasyCD Creator w/ DirectCD - Madmam via software CD
InternetBooster (coolwebsearch.com) - widely known (also in ASC(AWC)???)
webbuilder named......
CDBurnerXP - contained malware of unk threat - Madman via download.com
blocklist manager - contains Ports Angry (PUP) or something, integral part of programme - Madman
PCTools THREATFIRE - great security program will fuck up your computer if ur already infected, or have other conflicting sftwr

some webhosters rated by most dependable:
intuit - free - dependability unk
homestead - free - dependability unk
http://www.lunarpages.com - unk - under $5/mo
http://www.hostgator.com - unk - under $5/mo

please send in info on other webhosters!
also: I avoid all webhosters from chicago but that doesn't mean you have to ha he.

and who is this? anyone know? he just now amazing broke through my amazingly defenses!!! :

Because of this situation, I can't make purchases, or donate online to anyone's PayPals :( anytime soon. (This really sucks because I need to sell stuff on eBay for xmas).

Next, I need to do a friends cut when I can get around to it - and it shouldn't affect you unless you're a long-time troll. (Except for 1 or 2 people), ANYONE WHO HASN'T POSTED IN THEIR OWN JOURNALS SINCE MORE THAN 200 WEEKS AGO WILL BE CUT!!! OUCH!! Big deal, right?

Here's a bigger deal: I am making a whole slew of friends filters - and I will do a POLL where you can join or opt of of them. For now, please let me know any INTERESTS which you have and want me to include!?! k

I made a big pot of garlic rice, etc., more for medical reasons - but I burnt it! I messed up on measurements cuz of starting it by boiling split pees. Yesterday I had three mini-burritos - made w/ my fake cheddar cheese, lentil/bean mix, tom/green-pep, etc... They were SPECTACULAR. What was the secret woderful ingredient? Ketchupmwah! The big prob I had was the MINI part! Why can't I find CORN tomales that are bigger than 6"?! Finally, here's how to make good green tea:

Use warm/hot but not boiled water - just before the pot gives a whistle / strong whistle. Let bag sit for 3 minutes. Leave bag in while you drink-and-steep delightedly.

The fat squirrel likes my pomegranets. He lazes on the deck railing waiting for the rinds. Dog now pisses in that general area, and fat squirrel don't give it no mind.... I need to rest - maybe I'll think of more to write later - it is now 2:50 CST monday...

I had the rice and it is about the BEST I'VE EVER TASTED! If you want the recipe just ask.... I can't remember all the other wonderful things i've been planning to say cuz my brain is a mushroom so maybe one day one fine day. i know it had to do with baboons.

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