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I am the person who will destroy China.

The Dinner Table Ethic - (Part One of : CAPITALISM and CONSPIRACY)

This is hopefully the first part of a mini-series. I am way too tired to do comments right now. Please note: Sometime in the future,you will be able to opt in or opt out of my more philosophical posts. So please be patient.

Ok. This is not meant to be exhaustive. It is not meant to explore connections, or develop concepts, in the usual essay fashion. (There are big themes I have been aching to develop for years, like the whole JFK Assassination and all it's amazing componants and players). But I can't. What it is is is is is a brief, grab-bag picture of some major ways our big fat human world works. That is because i'm in the third day of a left-hemisphere brain prob. However, it will prolly be the simplest, most profound and skeptical explanation of THE REAL WORLD which you will ever read....

Let's start with where we left off: FOOD. Humans are browsers, (and occasional hunters). We REALLY like munching whilst we commune. Our most important mores and morals have originated from the dinner table. This was and is the fundamental forum of our familiar ruminations, where we shared imaginations, bondings, trust, plans, theories, stories, gossip and pacts. Starting from the early days, when we congregated as disparate vermin around the carrion left by our mutually-feared predators we used the time eating together to develop social structure, cooperation, communication and intelligence. We let each others guards down, and allowed each other to show teeth and implements, confident such would not be used against us. Thus any violation of dinner communion brought heavy penalties, often of excommunication. The confidential dinner communion became the religious bond which emboldened us, our group, for THE HUNT. Being the genesis, interestingly, of both words "Pray" and "Prey" - (similar to the "Game" ambiguity).

Resolving ambiguity into terms and words and totems which seemed to point us into singular, unifying directions, was a major preoccupation of we in-group, out-group humans. (For future reference, this is also a major function of CAPITALism).

Likewise, there were two major societal functions of the dinner table ethic: including or excluding members; and exercising parliamentary and/or dictatorial cooperation and planning.

Before I launch into discussions from each of these two aspects, here's a little bit about food: Generally, food is not easy to come by. This is because it serves the expansion of species, including ours, like bubbles in an economy. We reach the limits, food gets scarce, we have revolutions in technology and such, food gets more plentiful. One fun way to obtain a lot of food is a technology we are using today, which is called, "Killing off all the other species." (Another bubble destined to pop). But, averaged out, food is scarce enough that we are constantly troubling over it - (and if you living in plentiful america, you instead adopt eating and obesity disorders). Food is always VALUABLE. It is a VALUE, like chastity, courage or jewelry. Whenever there is a discussion of values,just substitute foods,and you will see, we are still at the table. E.g., when we finally feel like making deviant bankers pay for their greed, we are actually evicting them from the table for eating too much food. The squabble for food should only be so difficult that it solidifies the hunting/browsing group. Once someone makes food more scarce than that, out they go. And the same goes for someone who permits TOO MUCH food for everyone. Out they go. By odd devices. Such as gossip. Gossip about conspiracies is always a good one...

Conspiracies are chaos, come down to earth to take the form of errant humans. They are monkey-wrenches - ghosts in the machine - ambiguation - turbulence along the fringes.

At the table, a bossy chief can lay claim to most of the meat, and divy out the rest to obedient chums, as favours - even though his chums may have done most of the hunting. And the wives of the chums, who do nothing but weave and care for babies, may be incensed all the time that their lofty men are nothing but cowardly goons, retrieving too little meat for their ladies and babies. So they get into this habit of haranging their men, which usually doesn't work, because females are weak - but wait - women are suddenly POWERFUL with the introduction of language. Then they can gossip amongst themselves, get their men to make jokes behind the boss', levy invisible curses against the boss, and develop the whole vengeful religion thing. It is usually times of intensified NEED when the bosses force their way to power, turning the once peaceful and naive table into a fiefdom. But when their are windows of EASE, what happens? Another table spins off - one for several women and some men. Table number two tries to reinstall the old, romanticized system resembling true democracy, anarchy, or communism. And these two tables tend to tussle with each other yet, in tandem, they are more efficiently rapacious of resources in the environment! Now how d'ya like that?! Gaea just can't win for losing.

But it isn't as simple as TWO different systems, communist vs. feudal, or female vs. male. Because half the time, the commie table may be instituting a moralistic system of justice which is tyrannical, (sometimes referred to as FemiNAZIism), while the fuedal-male table is going for a more ETHICAL system of justice, and so is more open and free... And, of course, men are basically always sitting in the RULERs' seats.

But lets just keep it simple and say that there are TWO different types of dinner tables, or two different versions of what society "should" be: communitarian and authoritarian. Both can make claims of being "free", just, rational, liberal, conservative, etc. Both have their advantages, both have their flaws - and a lot depends upon the state of the environment.

In a communitarian society, goods tend to be distributed equally, to a fault. Resources, authority, opportunities and DECISION-MAKING can all be constrained by the ethic of PLAYING FAIR. Rule-by-committee doesn't work so well in the long run, and/or when resources are scarce. Individuals who want to hoard stores of food or tools are ejected. They could have been entrepreneurs. Since movement, (and upward mobility), is slow, it becomes likely that a dictator may take the reigns, to preserve the ethics, of course.

And in an authoritarian society, goods and decision-making may be so hoarded at the top, and not recirculated into productive social use or benefit, it may become necessary for coups or popular revolutions to occur, just to redistribute the wealth, and preserve morality, of course..

The search for a happy medium, through change, is the story of our history.

Coming soon: What is CAPITALism? What is prejudice? Which surnames are EVIL? What is "socio-psychic involution"? How do the powerful prevail? What is the point of conspiracies/theories, and which ones are real? Has there been an over-arching conspiracy by China to destroy the United States? Will we have to eat with chopsticks? Be the first to know!


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