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I am the person who will destroy China.


So, I'm spending a day recovering from MSG at Lung Fung's, eating healthnut corn chips, V8, etc. Mindless web-surfing for once, just like in the old days. Despite the fact that there is STILL a trojan in my computer which has taken over my main firewall, etc., and which keeps demanding that my computer send all its info to a certain hacker in China...

I block it for now, which means I also block firewall warnings and Microsoft Updates... And lots of harmless IPs...

But I'm trying to find a new CD burner programme that won't try to kill me like my last one did - AND CONTINUES TO DO - with its damned CDilla and assorted South Korean riffraff. All I want is to burn files and programmes so that they don't carry trojans - is that too much to ask - to not have my Messenger hijacked by Koreans, and my computer by Chinese, or to find "fbioffice" and ".gov" cookies on my computer?!"

"Samsung ROXIO / Adaptec EasyCD Creator / Direct CD"... That's what it's called. Avoid it like the plague!
Using Roxio EasyCD 5 and it burned my CD-R disk into accosters!! and it popped error message. I use CD-RW disk (save my $$'s to test run it)same-o Steamed!!!I uninstalled it and reboot the system. I got Error message on desktop but ignore it and it goes away. I decided to try Nero Ultra 6.0 and it works very well with my old junkie CDburner. Intresting, Nero after first installation warned me that my CDburner is in wrong IDE port. So I moved the Cdburner to IDE 1 Slave and it finally reconized Sony CRX140. Seem to me that Roxio don't tell you anything and why is that they don't improve after all those complaint!! Now that Roxio owns Napster!!?? sheesh! Wish Nero owns it!! Is Roxio trying to make themself look good publicity while their software down to the dumpster!??.

Here's a CD burner I was looking at... "LONGTION Data CD Burner" - looks good! Could be a nice complement to the SONIC thing I have but am afraid to use... OK! Let's read a little bit about the company, "Longtion"...

LONGTION. "Located in the Yuhong District of Shenyang, China, the Longtion Software has been developing innovative software products for a worldwide client base since 1998. Our products are in use by thousands of corporate, government and ISV developers. "

ummmm... what other programmes does it make?........

"CONQUER". Version 1.0. "Produce tanks and command them to destroy the enemy's infrastructure!"

um... ok... i don't think i want this... ha ha ...

Well - maybe you can help me find a SAFE free CD burner. (It needs to be able to burn Windows files onto a CD to be used like a drive). Here are my choices so far:

Sonic DigitalMedia - which I have, but which doesn't have the Windows files thingie unless you pay for upgrade. Sonic has a lot of music production, Hedgehog, etc., software as well. OH WAIT - Sonic Solutions might be related to ROXIO.com! (Sonic RecordNow 7.3).

Ashampoo Burning Studio (free) - http://www.download.cnet.com/Ashampoo-Burning-Studio-Free/3000-2646_4-10776287.html - All I remember about German ASHAMPOO is they are nuts about the whole product-registry thing, and this bothered me a lot.

Cheetah - costs about $15 - http://www.download.cnet.com/Cheetah-CD-Burner/3000-2646_4-10172045.html

So i have this question... Can you schedule a music-player - e.g., WindowsMedia, RealPlayer, LastFM, Pandora, or other - to play certain CDs or songs at certain TIMES? If yes, which players? And if yes, would it be possible to use them to SCHEDULE dif online radio feeds at dif times of day?!?!?! This is kinda important! thx.

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