I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

everything is fine dot dot dot

So - I have some cool things to say pretty soon, but it's garbage-night and I have to get to that, since I missed it last week - although I think they came too late for industrious moi.

Today I got mad at dog for the first time, but he's really good about respecting me when the message is clear.  I was trying to prepare to "go out", and this usually means I need a bit of space so I can think, but he kept trying to eat my feet.  I put my foot down and he became all like, "Omg - I don't actually own this place.  I'm just a bothersome intruder."  And he slinked conveniently away.  While I put on my makeup.  I'm not kidding.  There's this little thing on my face - I put someone's makeup on it to make it go away.  I feared it would be like my trojan and start appearing in new places.

Everyone I met today was very pleasant.  I went to a new bank, but didn't have my license so that didn't work, but fine.  Then I ate a salad and went to the library.  I thought I would take care of an illegitimate bill from an old credit card, but I didn't have sufficient documentation.  I paid this a long time ago but they keep hounding me.  Fine.  Then I bought some sunflower seeds and stuff and waited for the bus.  I talked to a redneck couple who said I looked like Jerry Seinfeld.  The guy said he saw Nancy Reagan shopping at Logli supermarket.  We jammered.  He said one of the bus-drivers looks like Ronald Reagan senior.  I told him that info reminded me of a Camper Van Beethoven song.  And also-too that I talked to Ron Reagan junior on the radio machine.  Then I got on the bus and the little cute black bus driver was eying me.  That's special.  And so is her small yet protrusive butt.

So I shopped at Logli on Rockton, then I caught a bus to Hilander and shopped there.  All told, I spent $300, plus the over $100 on Halloween.  That's a hell of a lot of money.  But it was all worth the 8 (fricken) pomegranates

Took a cab home and the cab lady yelled at me so I smiled and yelled back at her and we became fabulous friends.  It is truly a testament to my amazingness that one minute someone is yelling at me and the next I've got them carrying my groceries into my house, chatting and laughing.  But really, everyone was nice today.  Pretty much.  Because I looked like Seinfeld.  Which is odd, because I've been thinking about him lately.  Anyway, dog was happy to see me and all his new treats.  "Ruff," he said.

I had so many groceries I couldn't get the fridge door opened - fact!

I have to go now.  However, I wish to mention that I have a LJ friend who is in some serious trouble right now.  She has FMS/CFS and things are falling apart fast.  If anyone can be a friend to her, please add glitterophelia.

Also, I've been spending some time editing IP blocking lists, and it's been fun yet paradoxical and frustrating.  I don't know how long I can last, because I know this computer is infected, and so it seems, from much evidence, that there is a hacker or more getting in and changing things.  I might have to disappear again I don't know.  But it's not like I didn't expect or plan for this.  OK.  Goodnight y'all.

Oh - I never switched my clocks and so I'm still an hour ahead.  And my computer is on Central American time.  This is really working for me.  Make life as weird as you can without getting bothered.  A little weirdness keeps chupacabra away.

(When I was eating my salad, I noticed that, in the right acoustics, "My Best Friend's Girlfriend", (Cars), has a completely different riff going on, especially in the first part of the song.  I hate the cars tho).

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