I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

question -

what happens when you block loopback 127.0.01 - ?

i blocked it and everything seems fine

... other than all these chinese hackers who want me - but that's normal everyday

and woe - did you see 60 Minutes last night - about omnipresent HACKERS?! - see!  I'M NOT CRAZY!!!!

and today i heard on the Chg news channel about a "NEW" trojan that takes you to porn sites and puts kiddie porn on your comp - and so a lot of innocent people have been arrested as child molesters!

well - this ISN'T NEW!  it happened to me around 2004 or such - And i didn't get arrested, but i think my family became very distant towards me after i tried and tried to explain the new $1000 phone bill and how it was all  related to this kiddie porn thing!

so you see - i'm never letting that crap happen again!  NEVER! 

although i do act like a little kid most of the time.

but i don't even go to porn sites anymore.

i spend most my time on loopback.

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