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I am the person who will destroy China.

Mushrooms, Des Moines, and the Dahli Lentil Chef

Today I made some lentil stew with beans and peas, and it is good.  The last time I made this, which is my staple Indian Dahl, it was much more like wonderful burrito beans.  This time, it still has everything I need, (pepper, chili, mushrooms, carrots, onion), but it is more like a delicate (but spicy) gazpachio with subtle flavours swimming up at you like dancing porpoises.  And I think one reason for this is that I didn't use tomato paste this time, but canned whole and diced tomatoes, with some tomato sauce.  Also more dandelion.  I also tended towards more orange and licorice highlights.  Highlights is a stupid word.  So snooty.  Like it belongs in Prairie Home Companion - which, btw, was GREAT the last two times, in Bismark and Des Moines.  Speaking of the latter, see below.  Anyway, what was I talking about?  Oh, yes - having sex with porpoises - no wait...  Lentils...  There happened to be a radio show about lentils (and additional legumes) on NPR, (The Splendid Table), just after I made MY lentils.  I don't know about you, but I feel that legumes are getting far too much attention these days, and that tubers are getting squeezed out!   And green.... pepper...  was... a prominant flavour in my last Dahli batch, which I still want to add to THIS Dahli batch...  THIS one would accommodate that, plus light flavours of pineapple and green beans.  I often tend towards Moroccan when I cook...  Indian, Mexican, etc., which is why I am interested in learning about Brazilian cooking.  I think I'd like it.

I also love the four following things in combo, heavy on the everything: Onion, salt, noodles and oil.  You can go from Chinese to Ethiopian to Italian to whatever with this foundation.  But the oil has to be good.  Today I made ramen like this, with cumin, nutmeg, chili, dandelion, mushrooms, celery salt...  It was something a snail in the back yard would die for.  And it was so good, and somewhat nutty, it reminded me of something a friend made for me that included tofu, which took on a wonderful nutty taste from its oily veggie surroundings, and now I want to start doing that.  The only problem is that I never cook with tofu, I eat it all before I cook it.  mmmm... salty tofu without salmonella...

Speaking of mushrooms, I have found that they taste better if you let them sit for days and get all slippery.  Really.  They're kinda like tuna-fish that way.  (boing!)  And the white or the portabella mushrooms?  I say fuck it.  Get the cheaper big "steak" mushrooms - you don't need to slice them just break up the pre-slices with you fingers.  And a fast, easy way to cut carrots?  Bite them into slices and blow them into your pot - ha ha!  But only if you cook for yourself.

Played with big-mouthed dog today.

Speaking of Des Moines...  For some reason, my computer IP doesn't trace back to where I actually live, it traces back to Des Moines.  Then I realised that the fake city I had my LIVE JOURNAL in was ALSO Des Moines.  (I set it that way a few years ago).  So - maybe I was right about the government scanning my computer when I first got online with my new configuration.  I knew there was possibly a screen-reader going on, leaving a .gov cookie. So, maybe they read my LJ while I was posting yo.  I just think that is verrry interesting.  Anyway, now I put my LJ in SPOKANE, so good luck Uncle Samsung.  Suddenly, after realising this Des Moines surreality, I listen to A Prairie Home Companion - recorded in Des Moines!

Did you know that the Whooping Crane train has stopped here in this county, because the weather is so warm and windy, they don't want to fly south?!

I have to get myself together and accomplish much tomorrow.  I'll make a cool $150 just by opening an additional checking account.  Other stuff, more major shopping, etc.  Have also to clean a lot soon if I'm still as un-ill as I am now.  So I'll be away from the computer for a while, thank god.

You're Welcome, little guy in Des Moines.

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