I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Sunken Oil Tanker Will Be Habitat For Marine Life, Shell Executives Say With Straight Face


NPR's "ECHOE'S" has been playing their top 200 hits all this week and last week...  it has been so so nice!  and i am rather surprised at how many of the artists i am familiar with...  this is kinda reassuring, seeing as i have lost so many brain cells this year, etc.  btw - i stopped smoking.  about three weeks ago.  i also stopped drinking, but not permanently - i'll have beers whenever.  it's just that, well, i kinda noticed i really felt like i was dying so i needed to get healthy and sleep a lot FAST or else plants would start growing out of my stomach or something odd like dat der.  anyway, check out ECHOE'S TOP TWO HUNDRED!.. .http://www.echoes.org/200Albums.html - replete with iTunes links!!!  i think i'll plug them all into Pandora and just fucking float through the winter...

but wait ...  i might BOYCOTT NPR...  See, they're opposing legislation for FM MicroRadio stations...  I wanna be a MicroRadio station - then you could cook burritos in me....

that's just silly...


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