where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

i think i'm ready to buy groceries now!

i feel sooo much better about my computer's security now - after a long uphill battle.  but, according to SHIELDS UP, i may have about twenty worms and viri....  i don't care so much, after i shut down ports 135-139, WHICH I URGE YOU ALL TO DO AS WELL!  i also need to shut down Windows DCOM - but i can find a way to do that - Windows is so SUCK.  I just saw some OP named GNU and maybe i'll try it.  Anyway, all the progress i've been making on this hard-drive I can tranfer to my bigger one, since i saved all my programme set-ups on disc, etc.

now i'm going to sleep, and then order groceries and maybe go somewhere later, just to see what it looks like OUTSIDE....  hmmm.......
Officials say a man who appeared to be drunk fell onto train tracks at a New Jersey subway station just before a train ran over him - and he walked away unharmed.

YouTube - Baby in Pram narrowly missed by Train

Baby narrowly escapes death under a train in Melbourne   Source: Seven News ... Baby in Pram Falls Onto Train Track and Hit by ... 6,932 views. undertoes. Added to ...

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