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I am the person who will destroy China.

Introducing: THE FERRET ! - and WILL & FATE & JUSTICE !


first, regarding the phone caller who keeps leaving the sound of a large rifrigerator on my answering machine...  i have gotten other "dropped"(?) calls, and have been researching them - they mainly go back to a chicago company that is highly nefarious and which disquises itself in a variety of ways, and sometimes, when it DOES talk, it says it is the IRS or NRA or such.  well, Refrigerator Man MAY be a part of this scheme - or he may be someone I know - or he may be BOTH.  but focusing just on HIS fridge calls, i learn that he has called others, hanging up or asking dumb questions, asking for money, asking about a particular person, etc.  He claims to be with the ILLINOIS FEDERATION OF POLICE which only has four staff members.  HIS caller idea traces back to a zip code, 60048, dif than that of the IFP.  What I find really strange is that I read only 5 complaint comments registered on a website within the last two years, and ONE of them happened to have been entered on Oct 16 - and he had caled her the day before, at 8:45 - that is not only very close to when he called me, but Oct 15 was the same day I was picking up strange psychic feelings regarding Ashley.  I don't know if the complaint was FROM Ashley though, because the name give was Krys - which might be another clue.  I just think it is weird that he calls me and her at the same time, when he only has four employees, and he's asking about a particular person, (whom she doesn't mention).  I think it MIGHT be someone I know, in particular.  Someone who said he wanted to kill me, and someone who spinelessly buddies up to police.

but, it may be related instead to that other company, which i will post about later, cuz it could be of use to you if you keep getting hang-ups.


While i wait for some extensive offline security processes to complete, i thought i'd take note of some recent thoughts competing for space in my pot-hole-ridden brain.  but first, a computer note: i think i'll chuck my NON-FREEWARE Mcafee ant-virus and switch back to Avast or Panda Cloud - and I might also chuck the Mcafee firewall for something else.  Which antivirus do you consider best?  why?  i think Comodo firewall now has an anti-virus - does this work OK along with any additional anti-virus programme, like avast?  i am thinking Clam will be OK - BUT I WANT MOOOOOOOOOOORE...

well, these are some thoughts which may be related.  the first is that there is no such thing as true justice, as there are at least two types of justice: 1, ethical, and 2, moral.  ethical justice is concerned with what is best for the greatest number of individuals.  this tends to be the liberal view of justice, except for puritanical liberals of the past, including the progressive, william jennings bryan.  moral justice, on the other hand, is concerned with the preservation of certain pre-conceived principles which are based upon the mores and preferences of particular groups of people.  and, moral justice, the more conservative type, can be professed and wielded by individuals as well as religions, appealing to such ideals as LIFE, GOD or COUNTRY.  moral justice can be deeply arrogant in it's blindness to an often-occuring fact that these PRINCIPLES are often subterfuges - concealed devices and excuses for SELFISH DESIRES OR ANTIPATHIES OR FEARS.  not to say that ethical justice may not be illfounded at times, relative or subjective at times, or founded upon such self-deceit - but ethical justice tends to be more democratically, and academically, constructed.  and, as such, ethical justice is something of an ideal in itself.  now lookie here:

i heard someone finally say what i unfortunately believe: that, "The WILL of the people on the planet just isn't sufficient to confront, and adequately mitigate, the course of GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE.  It may slow it down, perhaps, but our WILL is not enough to TURN AROUND GLOBAL WARMING."

what is WILL?  Is our will to stop global warming NOT ENOUGH because we are just lazy, selfish and irresponsible, (which I think it is)?  Or is our will NOT ENOUGH simple because we don't have the physical POWER and POTENTIAL or VIABILITY to stop something so MASSIVE and FATED?  I think the latter is also true.  huh?!  really, it's both.  history has always been a crap-shoot.  Macaroni didn't INVENT the radio because he was so awesomely willed, which he was, but because of circumstantial happenstance and good fortune. he was one out of millions of similarly strong-willed, yet less fortunate, people.

when i was falling ill, and my good life was coming apart every which way, a very MORAL friend of mine tried to make sense of it, just as many narccistic ignorami try to make sense of THE HOMELESS, i.e., he tended to ascribe blame and responsibility for my decline UPON ME - upon some failure of moral character or religious strength.  Not to a virus, not to herbicide toxins, etc.  More to such things as lascivious SEX which he wished HE WAS HAVING... But my downfall was not due to poverty of WILL, I said...  "Look at it this way: I off in the distant water, possibly too deep, yes, and I am waving wildly, just as you've seen me wave before.  But this time I am not waving out of happiness.  Why?  why am I waving THIS time, Will?  AM I waving because I am desperately seeking your help?  Thus betraying some moral weakness, in your mind.  Or am I waving because I am not really "WAVING", but instead am flailing around, drowning!  Drowning?  Or trying to swim?  Both.  Trying to swim, or seeking compassion?  Both.  Will does not fail for one reason, it fails because there is a conflict, an interference pattern, between ability and obstacle, between hope and fate, between moral desire and some kind of cruel justice that says, "The rest of the universe would be better off it you left now."  That's a level of ethics we humans don't tend to explore, at least without Jobian trepidation...

So, do we have WILL?  At all?  In Bryan's feared DARWINIAN UNIVERSE?  Or will the fanatical inhumanity of THE TEABAGGERS ultimately win out?  And deserts finally erase THEM?  I don't think we have WILL, other than a few opportunities for luck and vacations, wherein we design a delusion of self-importance and self-determination.  But, that's all life is, really, and isn't that good enough?  Everything is relative...  A planet is poised to crash into our own tomorrow, and therefore we never had free will?  No, we had it, but it isn't so special.  Free will exists in every atom of the universe, and when this works against us, we call it fate, fatal, and ultimately, we believe we have no will for THERE IS NO WILL.  But there is.  If we all willed ourselves into frugal monkishness, would that not solve global warming?  Quite possibly.  But we are caught in a game, reduced to "capitalism", where we are addicted to destroying competition.  Our will is what has CAUSED global warming.

Waving, not drowning...  not yet a woman...  ha ha...  "Hey!  I'm DROWNING over here!"....  "Well, At least YOU'RE ALIVE!" SUBTEXT:"Um, (I suddenly believe I DON'T LIKE YOU, THEREFORE...) you're only drowning because you did something WRONG, or you're NOT drowning and you're full of shit...  And, although I have observed nothing scientifically, I can say these things FOR I AM OUTSTANDING!"
Free will is the necessary delusion of life.  It compels us to want to survive - and to get several steps ahead of survival so we don't fall behind.  It compels evolution.  It makes us blame each other for what we assume other people are willing, and we then go to war, all over this illusion.  An illusion, essentially, born of MORAL JUSTICE.  The prime directive, the ultimate moral principle, the scheme behind all fancy endeavours, is to eat or be eaten.

The Dalai Lama is not responsible for global warming.  Macaroni is.


These are relevant thoughts, relevant to the infinite realm of cause and effect which has long sat menacingly beyond our scope of interest.  And now it's a comin knockin, and philosophy isn't just for breakfast any more.

But, let's get down to the small little world of silly HUMANS.  Where Justice seems easy to figure out, even though it is not.  It's only easy to figure out if you WILLFULLY, narcistically, presume TO KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS, which you don't.  And though MAMA GOD may tuck you into bed every night, he doesn't inform your right to, say, put innocent men to death.  No matter if you tell it to the mountain, or secret your sins to a child-molester every week.  Stop foisting off those sins, and claiming divinity!

What we like to think of as "free will" is mainly a function of feeling WELL.  When you feel well, it is easy to act ethically, and tell yourself that you, and the world, are good.  When you are a healthy little boy pelting a possum with your buddies, it's easy to claim that it was the possum's fault somehow - and that one had no choice, though one did, feeling well.  But when you are stricken ill, and you see this going on, or you see benefits being taken from the elderly, or illegitimate wars being waged, or illicit gossip being thrown, etc., one takes a different view of the world.  A more Gandhiesque view - which may still be painted, more fervently by zealots, as being MALICIOUS AND REVOLUTIONARY AND SELFISH AND EVIL...  Perhaps it is selfish - a view still towards self-preservation.  Yet, they say the DEPRESSED have a scientifically more accurate view of reality.  So.  Morality wears rose-coloured glasses.  Ethics gives those glasses to the poor.

Whether it's splitting the atom or splitting a baby; choosing to fight or choosing to flight; waving or drowning...  Every situation is both will and fate; just will, and just fate.  so...  there is a wide area for interpretation and manipulation and all sort of human play and plight within it all.  so much room for judgement as well as empathy.  Both are tragic and both are comic.

There have been a number of reports of animals rebelling against humans.  These animals, reacting primitively to an injust human world, are normally shot and killed.  We sububanise and rape a wilderness, and then shoot the bear who comes looking for food in HIS own home.  Think of the large Chimp who mauled a female friend of it's owner - remember that?  The Chimp was "choosing-to-react-instinctively", (just as we humans, when under stress, do all the time, rationalising), to a threatening situation.  No doubt, the Chimp saw itself as morally correct.  It had seen mores violated, and now was exacting Chimp justice.  A jury of Chimps would prolly agree.  In fact, a "highly-ethically-evolved" PETA person would also agree.  In the big picture, I'd say they were "right."  But we humans see suburbanisation as a natural right given to us from a morally-driven god of sorts.  It is something natural to us - just as a bear thinks its territory is granted naturally.  Which it was.

So, who amongst us would not wince at the whole affair?  At the thought of being torn about by a creature four or five time stronger than you?  Why - THAT IS INJUST!  It is injust that some bigger guy gets to beat up or boss around a string bean wimp.  Of course.  It's true!  It's not JUST that the land should turn to desert, and the glaciers crumble upon our tiny little antish heads.  OF COURSE IT IS UNJUST!



So - how do we reconcile this difference in the two justices?  We become narrow-minded, I suppose.  We say, "When it comes to the soul-less and dumb animals, and to the fricken ozone layer, we will let bygones be bygones.  We won't practice our system of justice on them.  We will simple shoot them or control them according to our needs, if and when we MUST.  And, what we will focus our questions of justice on is the human sphere - talk, play, anger, misfortune, dreams, accidents - all the human stuff...  Just like Congress makes laws with almost ZERO idea of how they will affect broader reality, including the economy.  We will keep up these self-delusions until we are all living like prairie dogs in comfortable little holes beneath a baking sun.

Now, an observation of human behaviour I have found more and more salient over the years is this: An eye for an eye really isn't so bad as it's made out to be.  The REAL problem comes from MASSIVE RETALIATION, e.g., a family for an eye.  A head for an eye.  You know.  A kid is walking down the street, and some kid kicks him in the shin.  So the first kid turns around and beats the crap out of him, (and some of us say YEAH!), and then takes a gun and shoots his face off.  Massive retaliation - IT IS NOT FORGIVEABLE, is it?  Normally not - unless your lawyer exposes a broader picture:

Maybe the boy had been bullied EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR on his way to school, and he finally went postal.  If he only beat the other kid up, we'd say that was fair.  And if he shot the kids, many of us would forgive the insane little monster.

But, for the most part, massive retaliation is wrong - yet it tends to be built into the moral fiber of my neighbourhood, if not the entire country.  I can see resorting to massive retaliation as a method of permanantly scaring and education your opponant from bugging you again.  But it is too often used by crazy, selfish people, over stupid, inconsequential, or misinterpreted, issues.  In effect, it seems to be a ploy by narcisstic assholes practicing a right of self-, or religious-, or want-, or fear-justified MORAL JUSTICE.  It seems to me that massive retaliation seems to be an ethic of moral justice itself.  The whole system of eat or be eaten.  Of FORCING others to compete with you.  For an ever-perceived scarcity of resources, even in the WELL-off land of plenty.  hoi!

OK - all this discussion is prelude to an upcoming post which i do hope you read, concerning my idea of "QUALITY ECONOMICS".  Economic competition based on monetary advantage, rather than service, simply encourages monopolisation of control, and impoverishment of the many.  It's what happens when THE BIG BULLY is allowed to destroy the commons of ETHICAL JUSTICE.  This discussion will be related to the HEALTH CARE debate.  ta.

Besides QUALITY ECONOMICS, I have to connect the above to the HUGE importance of INDIVIDUAL CHOICE in my "philosophy", which would be called something like "TRANSCENDENTAL EXISTENTIALISM"...


for now, i want to close with a discussion on The Ferret - the Ferret is a word i'm going to apply to a certain AGENCY of the USA which i don't want to mention outright cuz LJ is scanned for code words.  so, you can guess what AGENCY the FERRET is...  It is 3 letters representing 3 words...  the first word refers to our system of government, which is not CONFEDERATE.  the second word begins with B and is a kind of dresser/furniture or agency responsible for BUROCRACY!  ok - the next word begins with an I, but follows an "of" - i.e., "The ___ ___ of ___" - and the I is something ferrets or curious cats or Guy Noire or CSI like to do...  OK, got it?  From now on, whenever I say, "THE FERRET", you know I am referring to this AGENCY...  (btw, can you tell I was once really into KAFKA?)...

well... I have posted above about someone possible stalking or INVESTIGATING me - prolly just a collection agency - but the fact is that my computer has been hacked SO MANY TIMES, it is hard to believe I am NOT being followed, or being, how you say, FUCKED WITH, by somebody or some AGENCY...  SO, i started investigating THE FERRET and finding, to the best of my abilities, all of its IP ranges, so I could have my firewall block them, just like i have blocked a number of other POSSIBLE SUSPECTS.  but THE FERRET doesn't allow you to know it's IP ranges of activities, so all you can do is find whatever IP you can for, like THEFERRET.COM, THEFERRET.ORG, THEFERRET.MOBI, etc., and then block the ranges of whatever "company" is serving those web pages or IPs...  I discovered that THEFERRET has a number of IPs in UK/Germany/Holland.  (even if these aren't actually THE FERRET, i don't care, i'm blocking them, tbs).  and THEFERRET.IN (i believe) lists itself under JOHN DOE living in LA, 90210... ha!  Another thing I noticed is at least twice when i went to one of the related FERRET websites through a special viewing window, it stated that the site had updated "one second ago", which prolly means they are logging visitors, special windows or not...  Finally, of course, while i was surfing along with THE FERRET, my firewall was again shut down, so i went offline right away...

don't think i'm a criminal or anything.  THE FERRET investigates any damn thing it feels like investigating.  you can be sure of that.  and i have done some rather rad things in the past.  and for some reason, there are a few people who are just the types who would dangle my sickly body before said salivating FERRET, if only virtually.  i just want to block whomever MIGHT be fucking with me, if that's actually happening.  i have PeerGuardian2, which blocks incoming advertiser IPs, etc., through IP lists that you download - but it never lets me download the Guv't or Educational lists.  i wonder why?  well, because of the whole anti-terribleness campaign.  it is probable that the whole take-over war of the original PG2 company was in fact instigated by THE FERRET.  or that the demise of Radio For Peace was fueled by THE FERRET.  just as leaders of other countries, or perhaps of our own, have been halfassinated by THE FERRET.  THE FERRET is everywhere and it will eat you if you sneeze.  amen.
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