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I am the person who will destroy China.

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just some stuff

Just checkin in w/ yall. I got so into getting things done today, I just kept doing it. Maybe will tomorrow too.

This library is full of obnoxious hobos.

I had some jokes or curious things to say but I don't recall them at the moment...

Uh - I'm gonno go buy a tree and eat some pizza, or vice versa, or something.

Oh - oooch. Hey - saw beautiful girl today who I once got very pissed at - I wanted JUST a business relationship with her, but she misconstrued and things got all misconstructed. Ended up with her boyfriend banging on my door one night trying to come in and not going away. So, I called the police and reported him, and told the girl (actually in her 30s) to GO AWAY!

Also drove by the guy who told me to stop smoking at the ERC.

Zipetty doo doo.......

I'll go to Mad when I go to Mad.

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