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...meanwhile back...

At least I still have my yahoo toolbar.

I was in an almost accident just now. Still in Rkfd, I was turning left offf Alpine onto the street where the Alpine library is. Some SUV coming towards me slowing slowing slowing to turn into same street. Slowed too damn much because another car behind it, which I THINK had it's blinker on to turn the same way, just didn't slow down, and headed straight at me. Another stupid silver hatch-back of course. Well, when I get in trouble - I don't slow down, I speed up. So I headed straight at him, turning left, and hoping he wouldn't hit my ass. He didn't slow or honk or anything. Fun.

Anyway, traffic here these last two days has been inane. People driving 20 mph in a 30 mph zone - which means you're actually supposed to drive at least 40 mph. Am I wrong? Well, I had fun making some really daring swerves in and out - and then I usually broke free of the pack. The safest way to drive is not to act like you're part of some huge paranoid blood clot, but to put as much distance between you and everyone else. Can I get a witness?

Well - I didn't feel like going to Madison in this weather, plus I've got this stupid CFS thing where my brain and my heart think they're communicating through some echo chamber. It's like being high on a canister of nitrous oxide. Smart to take it somewhat easy til it fades out.

So - this is Xmas time now. I was in a great holiday mood yesterday. Like - finally, people are starting to understand what it's all about... Or...

Hmmmm. Yesterday was the biggest toilet-flushing day in history. Think of all those nice turkeys, in squalor, trying to talk turkey to each other. A few days later: And we have quickly converted the millions of them into our petty dialogue of "What should we buy for him?" "What should we buy for her?" We have conquered the dinosaurs, and they are us. And goobble gobble turkeys now go gurgle gurgle as they swirl together dumbly as processed sludge in sewage treatment plants across the country...

And across the country, the Virgin Mary Cheeseburger is on tour. "I think people can be touched by seeing the image of the Virgin Mary on this sandwich, and that's how we hope to raise money for charity..." Doesn't this sound like something out of a Vonnegut novel?!

Oh - and I heard what sounded like a demented Enya version of Pachbel's Canon, but it was actually by a group called the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, so that's OK.

And then I heard about someone having a Christmas tree being shoved up their butt, but I guess it was the angel on top of the tree, so I guess that's alright...

So yes I did run into those two girls...

After being at the mall - and noticing I must have looked tres hot because I was getting all the looks, especially from YOUNG girls...

Insert: I have noticed that everybody has seemed VERY ambigous, or hyper-ambivalent, lately. Because they are experiencing both the excitement, and the PAIN IN THE ASS RESPONSIBILITIES, of the coming holiday season. Except for younger people - who don't have to worry about the responsibilities. So, I think that's why all the younger girls were feeling free to gaze at me and, of course, at every young dude in their path. Full moon. Weird weather. Nature moves on...

So anyway, I know I don't look bad. But when I saw that girl at Cimino's, there was an uneasy game going on. Once she asked my name and went to check my pizza, then I looked over at her to see what the result was... but she gave me a gaze followed by an apparently habituual bored/nasty look. So - hey - any girl gives me that and I'm gone. But at the end, she realises I'm no joker, and she actually brings my pizza/etc. out to me, very nicely, and she then gazes out for another look at my car. Well, whatever. I won't go back there for a few weeks. (And hey at least the gay guy there knows now to stop looking at me) Anyway - the situation ended as a draw, which means there's a 25% chance of anything developing. I mean ANYTHING. Oh - I quickly deduced that she had a boyfriend, and a few other Shirlock Holmes things...

And the girl at ABC... She was there but another cute girl waited on me, so I just played it cool, and that was that.

But - just up to boringness basically.

So - been working with on my computer, and never got the improvement I was hoping for. Now nothing at all works. SO, I'll eventually create a new drive C, and build from scratch. I just hope I can still convert to fat 32.

I'll only be able to update via libraries. Maybe Madison tomorrow. Bya.

Oh - "Why does Bono sing Uno Dos Tres Quatorrsomething///???" Maybe it's not Spanish but Portugese????
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