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FF WRITTEN - mon - aug 17 - noon
i actually wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth Saturday night, but I should read it again, since I was drunk at the time.  Excuse the Saturday night post, too, as it begins sanely, and gradually devolves into drunken CAPTALS and exclamation points.

Right now, I thought I'd mention some queer experiences which I haven't posted about.  For one - I hear a lot of strange things on my police scanner.  But never a lady giving birth - until now.  An ambulance radio was left on, while the paramedic rushed to help the lady in the ambulance give birth.  All I heard were screams, an occasional voices - I had no idea what I was listening to, until about 5 minutes into it.  The baby was born, and everyone was happy, just like on TV.

My CFS is very sensitive to things like the weather, electricity in the air, etc., - although it is impossible to figure out the influences vs. the basic CFS.  And, as I've noted before, I have had psychic experiences.  Well, I sat for quite a while on my front porch, trying to recover from a relapse.  Suddenly, I began feeling a heavy, heavy negative and stressful feeling.  It was foreboding and black.  I knew this was unusual, and it seemed like something psychic I should try to figure out.  I wondered if something bad might happen to me or someone I knew, or someone might get shot in the neighbourhood.  But it was a perfectly peaceful day outside - maybe a meteor would hit or something...  Whatever.  Then this tall older guy came walking quickly down the sidewalk, toward my house.  He then crossed the street, and walked away down another sidewalk.  He had a terrible look on his face - it was filled with angst and worry.  It looked like maybe he wanted to shoot my neighbours - his walk seemed so determined and angry.  But he just walked, and I thought, "What a strange neighbour.  I've never seen him before."

On the local evening news, it was reported that a man had murdered his wife, and a search was out for him.  They showed a picture of him.  IT WAS THE SAME GUY!  He was eventually caught, and his hair looked shorter than in the original picture - just as it was when I had seen him.


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