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sat july 25 - 7:pm
the agony of cfs never ends.  three days of hell.  i think i went and took King for a small walk with the neighbour girl, for her benefit, and this didn't help me at all.  and this was a day after i asked her to stop knocking on my door.  i also asked her to be my spy, because the same guy who throws shit on my lawn is the same guy who likes to set garages on fire.  god this city is fucked up.  after ANOTHER morning of HELL, i managed to finally run off to the grocery store, for beer, for there is nothing else, thinking my relapse will soon be over, and i got serious and deliberate insensitivity from the bus driver.  if i can get around to it, i'll file a complaint, on behalf of the disabled.  this is the worst thing to have, because, given a chance, every idiot rushes in to demean you, because you don't LOOK disabled.
i get so many thoughts to post about, but they disappear in my brain fog.  i think the next day i will be good, then i get another day of spiders chewing up my brain.
i do remember about the racial think that obama chimed in on.  although i can't write a lot about it now, i can say that when my brain is clear, i know exactly what happened.  there was a guest on STEPHANY MILLER who said that it was a GUY thing, and that was exactly what i had been thinking.  when you read the police report, it ends up being a very complex issue.  but i surmise that the PLAIN CLOTHES, OFF DUTY OFFICER was at fault.  however, i have reason to believe that the professor ACTUALLY DID break into his house, disabling the door, and it was because he reverted back to his childhood, feeling he did something wrong, and calling into all the shadows of reverse racism and blaming racism, that he went into bravado and made it into a racial issue, and it partly was.  but the main lesson to be learnt is that racism today IS stupidity, and obama was correct in what he said.  should he have said it?  no - not if he wanted to fit the george bush template.  i think it was OK that he said it, though politically stupid.  and it's OK to be politically stupid if you mean to advance issues like racism progressively and gradually, BUT NOT WHEN HEALTH CARE NEEDS SO MUCH MORE ATTENTION.  because problems of health care affect african americans significantly as well.
i listened to a thing about prince's purple rain today.  i am not crazy about prince, but i do think he was a mild genius.  i knew that the lingerie girls wendy and lisa were lesbian lovers and they contributed to his band musically, but i didn't know they did so much.  they introduced some joni mitchell, who is toppers, as well as peter gabriel.  this is interesting, because i always thought that gabriel was a major influence on new wave.  and i made parallels between lisa and wendy and the rhythm section of talking heads, known now as the tom tom club, whom i like, and i also always thought that gabriel had a big influence on THEM.  from what i can tell, the major vectors in new wave were punk, (beginning in USA with iggy pop and t rex, and then moving into sex pistols, etc., the clash, etc., in england); gabriel, although i don't know if the african thing came first through him or through english beat; americal soul pop, which continued spiring on even until today in england, and, most importantly, that german techno thing, best imortalised in kraftwerk's "autobahn", which obviously was a big influence on blondie, along with disco, who played at NY's ceebee jeebee"s, with talking heads, and so many more big stars.  the german thing, with hip hop, and depeche mode, dominates club music today.  and another passing musical note: i'd like to buy the decemberist's new THEME album, and i like them, but still something in me says, "too contrived".  what i want to buy more of is the mekons, blur (and wife), mazy star, and newer stuff i just can't remember coming out of a relapse.
i just listened to an interview with leber and stoller - ? - anyway, they totally created rock and roll - along with sam cook, bo diddly, barry gordy, etc., - i had more to say but my dog is growling about something..

my new dog is an 8 month old puppie named King, which was also a CD from Belly.  he likes me to rub his Belly, and they wrote a lot of songs about dogs.  i NEVER change the name of a dog.  this is my only principle in life.  but i added to his name.  it is now KING B.  or doctor king b.  or, as i said to some little black boy, DOCTOR MARTIN LUTHER KING B, JR., at which point his mother rushed up and told him to stop talking to me.  he is jet black, with eyes that show no white.  when he looks at me from the hall, i can't even see him.  if i took a picture of him, there would only be a few distant stars.  he is a quick learner, although very much a doggie dog.  my past two dogs were female, and this is different.  he is more like a fellow hunter, obsequiously retired, although i no longer know what obsequiously means.  yet, he is a product of the neighbourhood, and so there aren't too many people he is suspicious of.  he has a curly tail and big pointy ears, and he has some qualities similar to kurska.  too many.  i know that he watched me and kurska.  and so this is why he ran up to me and licked my face and so i adopted him.  he is the puppy that i always wished i could have given kurska.  i still think of her often.  and i am still in shock.

cooking: i have been cooking up some rich lentil soup/stew - and i am the master at that.  however, there is so much of it, i can't store much of it in my freezer.  and yet i am filled with this fear of starvation.  anyway, a good lentil soup must contain at least one half lentils, and then the other half split peas, black and red beans, and/or other beans.  then it requires the addition of lots of carrots, onions and mushrooms, and black pepper.  tomatoes, and/or a tomato base is also required.  a chicken stock is good too.  and a mushroom broth is also VERY good.  chile powder is also almost a requiremento.  other vitamin A additions include spinach and pumpkin.  the sweeter it gets, the more you want to add hot chile or such.  onions will sweeten it up, but i boil my onions longer than that, because they irritate me otherwise.  my advice: don't add flower to ANYTHING.  corn starch or meal or rice or soy flower is preferred.  why?  because i have come to realise that wheat is the devil of intestinal health.  if it gets too hot or tangy, add milk or such if you wish.  as far as potatoes go, they are great to add unless you are freezing the soup, in which case you should add rice instead, for the balance of carbs.  if you use potatoes, you decide if you want chewy potatoes (add later) or a thick broth (add much earlier).  this also applies to split peas and, alas, lentils themselves.
i believe part of the problem of my latest relapse is that i ate BREAD - i.e., wheat.  however, if you THINK you can deal with wheat, then welcome to this awesome sandwich...  slice a heft loaf in half, longwise.  italian or french bread is to wimpy.  something heftier but not too strong.  toast the halves lightly.  mix a vinegrette of mostly lemon juice, plus healthy oil such as olive, with lots of italian herbs, garlic, and such.  spread this on the top of the halves and be patient while it sinks in.  then place tuna and tomato, heat a little.  add cooked mushroom slices and swiss-type american cheese slices, with salt and such interspersed.  melt.  cover with ketchup.  absolutely amazing.
i boiled up some chicken for dog.  i wanted to use the broth to add to the lentil soup, so i added stuff while they were boiling, including green pepper and avacado.  i had forgotten how much these can add to the flavour of a soup, and how much such additions REALLY CAN infiltrate the taste of the meat, especially the fatty parts.  so now i believe in marination, whereas once i would have scorned it.
live and learn to shut the hell up.
i wish the bus driver knew that.




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