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two beers in me and this is how I talk

Posted on 2004.11.26 at 09:43
Humeur actuelle: bouncybouncy
Musique actuelle: that melloncamp song FOLLLOWED by "No one is to blame"!!!!
Yo, thankgiving was swell, but not my type. Relatives are worthless, except for the kids. Its comforting to know that when I leave this place I'll be leaving nothing worthwhile. Anyway, the trukey was f***ing awesome and that's all I ate. It reminded me of those enchiladas I was dreaming about. Except moister and TURKEY - my FAV! So some mexican babe only has to make me turkey enchiladas and I'm her's for life.

Speaking of dreams, I dreamt I was car-pooling with Jon Stewart. I discovered that the Daily show will now be extended until 3:am, and the Daily Show: am (never heard of it?) will now start at 3:am, so we will basically have about half a day of the Daily Show. Which would really be a half-a-dayly show.

How fucking lame am I?

I had two psychic dreams too. I only remember one - I was carrying a bag of shoes soemwhere. Which is odd because I then learned of the shoe-donation program and I now decided to donate a bunch of shoes at the Post Office.

I've had so many probs w/ my computer, apparently caused by Compuserve - it won't let me pick up ANY instant messengers. So I'm just going to erase everything and start again with a new installation of dos/windows. Fuck them cookies. But, if I can't log back on, you'll know why. I'm doing this so I can drop one server, and not be charged by two. I dunno wtf.

Well, I'm going to Madison. My plan is to get ba lot done today and get outta here. So, I'll go to ABC and see if I run into that cute girl, go to Cimino's and see if I run into Kate, and then split.

When Thanksgiving is over, I always change my life. So, I'll go to Madison and maybe get some cheap sex, but more importantly: work seriously on my novel.

By the way - I'm adding stuff about being online at "LJ" - so, hey, whatya say about that? It's all fiction folks.

I think I'll put on a blond wig and lipsick and see if any guys think I'm hot when I drive up there.

Because I am MADMAN!!!!!!!


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