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two beers in me and this is how I talk

Yo, thankgiving was swell, but not my type. Relatives are worthless, except for the kids. Its comforting to know that when I leave this place I'll be leaving nothing worthwhile. Anyway, the trukey was f***ing awesome and that's all I ate. It reminded me of those enchiladas I was dreaming about. Except moister and TURKEY - my FAV! So some mexican babe only has to make me turkey enchiladas and I'm her's for life.

Speaking of dreams, I dreamt I was car-pooling with Jon Stewart. I discovered that the Daily show will now be extended until 3:am, and the Daily Show: am (never heard of it?) will now start at 3:am, so we will basically have about half a day of the Daily Show. Which would really be a half-a-dayly show.

How fucking lame am I?

I had two psychic dreams too. I only remember one - I was carrying a bag of shoes soemwhere. Which is odd because I then learned of the shoe-donation program and I now decided to donate a bunch of shoes at the Post Office.

I've had so many probs w/ my computer, apparently caused by Compuserve - it won't let me pick up ANY instant messengers. So I'm just going to erase everything and start again with a new installation of dos/windows. Fuck them cookies. But, if I can't log back on, you'll know why. I'm doing this so I can drop one server, and not be charged by two. I dunno wtf.

Well, I'm going to Madison. My plan is to get ba lot done today and get outta here. So, I'll go to ABC and see if I run into that cute girl, go to Cimino's and see if I run into Kate, and then split.

When Thanksgiving is over, I always change my life. So, I'll go to Madison and maybe get some cheap sex, but more importantly: work seriously on my novel.

By the way - I'm adding stuff about being online at "LJ" - so, hey, whatya say about that? It's all fiction folks.

I think I'll put on a blond wig and lipsick and see if any guys think I'm hot when I drive up there.

Because I am MADMAN!!!!!!!


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