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I am the person who will destroy China.

vaginas and global warming

this was written over a month ago, but i believe the topic will remain relvant for about 500 years

written sat may 16 - 7:pm
remind me not to buy PORT.  it is way too sweet - at least this CALIFORNIA port was.  i remember i bought port once before, before i despised sugar, and i thought i liked it.  or maybe it was port brandy.  i must have been drunk.
i was looking for a HEALTHY burgundy, preferably from my native land, australia.  although i have also been checking out SPANISH WINES for some REALLY HEALTHY burgundy (?), called unga bunga or something weird like that there.  anyway, i had one cup of this disgusting PORT and i POURED the rest of the bottle into my berry juice, for it to ferment more.
do wider hips equate with larger vaginas?  i saw a pic of this almost-too-hot babe in the liquor store and she burst out in every possible female direction.  since i have no possibility of ever looking like that, i wondered if it was possible for there to be a girl TOO HOT for me to have sex with.  and the only thing i could think of was that her vagina might be too large.  sometimes i feel like a goat in a world of super-genetic cattle.  did that even make sense?
if a girl's vagina is too large, it scares me.  it doesn't matter how much wine you pour into her, it only scares me more.  and that is why i haven't had sex in two years..

concerning global warming: i have thoughts.  first of all - i have mentioned this before...  they used to say that a quick melting of arctic ice could lead to a quick freeze of EUROPA.  then they said, no, it's OK because the ice isn't melting fast enough for that to happen.  but now the ice is melting a hell of a lot faster than they expected.  so, now i am back to believing that a EUROPEAN freeze is more than likely.  but they, in government, have been a lot more reticent lately, and so they aren't talking about the freeze anymore.
i think a lot of what the ALEX JONES crowd is crowing about - chem trails, militarising government, etc., has a lot to do with a realisation by leaders that global warming is worse than we thought, and EXTREME measures will need to be taken, and better sooner than later.  that MAY include, according to conspiracy theorists, population control.
now, here are my own personal thoughts: they say the arctic ice will likely be all gone by around, um, 2012.  we all agree, that will destroy coastal cities.  and trying to deal with places like NEW ORLEANS as if they are human, or engineering, or insurance problems, will become ridiculous.  and there will come a point where the flight to places like the ozarks or the smokey mountains will switch from being a right-wing "terrorist" problem to an uncontrollable migration problem.  because global warming is soon to hit us HARD - and here is why: the LEAST of our problems is a rise of sea level.  what you have is all this ice in the north disseminating as cool fresh water into the global oceans.  what that means for us is a COOLING EFFECT for a while.  even though the sum global temperature will remain the same - warmer than usual.  that means that the polar regions will heat up more, as is happening, and it also means that tropical regions will experience droughts.  any supercomputer will tell you the same thing.  even though temperate zones will experience a cooling trend for a few years, while also experiencing wider extreme swings in weather, (since the cold poles no longer extend a modulating effect),
all that cold fresh water will tend to the surface of the salty oceans, until it finally mixes.  that will then mean a dramatic WARM-UP of the global surface.  add to this the fact that the global has continued to warm in the mean time.  that means a dramatic warming within about 10 years.  a drastic change.
(and, think of this zinger: since ice and fresh water are lighter than salt water, the disappearance of vast polar ice into the general/equatorial oceans will mean that the globe will become lighter there, and heavier at the poles.  this, plus the eternally-regressing moon, plus the theory that solar electromagnetic activity may be liquifying and resetting the Earth's core of iron, means there IS an increasing chance of a global polar shift.  that really would be something to remember, except that we would all be dead).

because of the wet weather here in the breadbasket midwest, farmers are planting later than they have for DECADES.  that CAN mean, given the possibility of severe weather, a produce shortage.  add to this a severe produce forcast for california this year, the drastic decline of pollinating bees, and the mono-culture and patented GMO seed problems, and we have a serious food problem soon.  the price of oil is already going up.  inflation means too few goods, too much paper money.  for a while, we will experience a damper on inflation, because of the sudden availability of low-cost gas-guzzling automobiles.  but after that, oil will skyrocket.  and, the most important factor is this: we have poured trillions of dollars into the banks - and into tax stimulus - that will, within 5 years, surface as too much PAPER MONEY in the system, meaning INFLATION.  health care and education costs will not be revamped in time to stave this.  Obama is not even considering SINGLE PAYER health care, which means whatever system we get, the costs are going to rise.  and, to top it off, China has no better scenario than to suffer one or two trillion dollars by refusing to continue to buy our debt, and therefore to proceed with a veritable economic invasion.  let me tell you, they have no qualms against this.  you will agree, if you have studied the chinese communist party and its capitalist agenda.  when china, and russia, and perhaps japan, who MAY go to a socialist system, demands to CASH IN on our debts, (which means that they want to return to us all the PAPER U.S. DOLLARS which have been retained in their countries), for all the U.S. treasury bonds which they have been holding, then we will be flooded even MORE with paper money - MEANING INFLATION.
if even one of these LIKELY scenaria comes to be, we are headed for INFLATION.  this is why i keep urging you to buy gold and/or silver.  not stocks.  pure 99.9 gold and silver coins.
but here's the catch.  do you really think that the american empire will allow itself to fall so fast without a war?  with a military bigger than all other militaries on earth?  no.  impossible.  which is why so many prominent crooks are moving south of the equator.  and why you should also consider it.  however, the good thing is that the value of gold and silver ALSO go up during war as they do during inflation.
there are many selfish people in power, who have raided and destroyed our corporations for their own gain, who have sent our jobs overseas, who have busted the unions - who WANT our country to decline.  and it is these people whom you must sniff out - beyond party and religion and even friendship - and whom you must contradict.
how to do so?  return to simple ethics.
and champion, please, the poor.
there is more power and force behind the poor than any caesar can tame, if only it is awakened.
i do not advocate revolution.  i advocate paine, and jefferson, and all the rest of those uncanny bastards..
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