I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

buzz kill

ego is created by fear and desire

fucked up EGO - which i shall now refer to as "EGGO" - is created by a conflation of fear and desire, which occurs during:

PARADOXICAL CONDITIONING - this is my term for when a creature is punished for it's desire, and the punishment only increases the creature's desire MORE the next time.  PC also occurs when a creature is rewarded for it's fear.  PD draws an imaginary boundary around EGGO while, and because, it detatches the creature from rational reality

too much self-reference - reference to, or sociological dependance upon, the EGGO, is called NARCISSM

now - i had a really good conclusion to this train of thought - something like ego creates money, or something profound, but since i am in a whirl, i will have to firgure out what the hell i was thinking and then post later

now i am spinnninng off to the doctor - and i am happy that i should finally get online from home this month

someone fired two gunshots from the vicinity of my back yard last night but i didn't care

until i woke up and found the garage broken into - no apparent damage - must address this prob cuz it's prolly the person who burns down garages - my car is in there

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