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snow on the prairie state

Well - AK and cous are here, but too late for coffee. We're just all sitting around joking and stuff. I logged on to email her, but here she is. These are the only relatives I like.

After a long time, finally got through to Prairie State Legal Svcs. Unlike an experience I had w/ them once before, the lawyer who talked with me was one of the nciest person I've ever talked to in my entire life. Marcia. She discerned that there was indeed a problem here w/ my student loans. So I'll be having a tete-a-tete appt. w/ a lawyer next week. woo hoo. Gee it would be nice if it would be Marcia...

Apaprently, they've run into the same prob w/ other folks - being given Conditional Discharge, and then being told there is no record of it ever happening.

My day was good, then dumpy, and then good again. End of discussion.

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